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Fading Block of Php-Nuke

Started by Michiko, February 26, 2006, 01:27:20 AM

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Hello all,

I had been desperately looking for a block for my partner sites but found nothing. I remember Php-Nuke had this before so I searched google and found "Fading Block".

I would like to know if someone can help me port this block to TP. It would be of a great help :) Attached is the php file and below is the copy of JS.
//Gradual-Highlight image script- By Dynamic Drive
//For full source code and more DHTML scripts, visit
//This credit MUST stay intact for use

function high(which2){
function low(which2){
if (
else if (which2.filters)

function highlightit(cur2){
if (<1)
else if (cur2.filters&&cur2.filters.alpha.opacity<100)
else if (window.highlighting)

Thank you so much in advance.

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Try including this one in a phpbox block type. BTW, I think this javascript effect only works in IE.

[attachment deleted by admin]


Hi IchBin,

Thank you so very much for your kind and quick reply  :). It's working perfectly. Hmm, you know what? I found a scrolling one from php-nuke as well.

I know it's too much if I'm to ask you again to port it to TP...but I'd rather risk loosing my head than not to ask you. Would you be so kind to do it for me  :-\ I really really appreciate your efforts and time whole heartedly. Please  :-*

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I think this will do the trick.

[attachment deleted by admin]


BTW, thanks for posting those! :) I'm going to have to use the last one myself.


Oh my how nice of you :). Thank you sooooo much! The last one is a lot better right? And by the way, you don't have to thank me. It is you who made the job.




Quote from: IchBinâ,,¢ on February 26, 2006, 07:25:45 PM
I think this will do the trick.


How do you add more than one link to this script.  Sorry for the dumb question, but I'm very new to all this.

I have one image, and links to the correct site when you click it.  But if I add any more links, it only displays the last one.  Any help would be appreciated, as this script is just what I'm after.


You'll see that there are three lines that start with $scroll. Copy one of the lines and make the necessary changes for your own images.