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Tidied up TPadmin Settings Block

Started by graffixjones, October 31, 2005, 06:31:54 AM

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Well, I'm not sure how Bloc tolerates hacking on his beta code, so if I overstepped, please feel free to delete this post.

Anyway, I created this hack for myself, but thought I'd share it in case somebody finds it useful.

What it does, is rather than having all the admin settings simply separated by divider bullets at the top of the TPAdmin page, it separates them into a 3x3 table, complete with visual indicator icons.ÂÃ,  I created the icons in the classic 'default' style (since my site is using a slightly modified default theme).

It's only guaranteed to work with v0.75 of TP, since Bloc may (and probably will) change the admin settings in future releases.ÂÃ,  I'll try to keep up with those releases as well, unless Bloc decides to simply integrate this into TP.

The attached archive is complete with easy instructions.ÂÃ,  All it takes is copying the icon directory into your current themes images folder, and replacing a code block.ÂÃ,  If you can read, cut and paste, you should have no problem. ;)

Also attached is a screenshot of the admin settings box, so you can see what it looks like.

Cheers to Bloc for this great software! :D

P.S. I should add that I did not create 'all' of the icons... there's a couple there that are from the default icon set.


I like it. :)

I am always open for suggestions, especially when it comes to making things more user-friendly. I will try it out first, but initally I can see this being useful.

If it were to be included, do I have your permission to use the icons in the package? Credits will added of course, on a separate "credits" page I will add. And...there will be more i might ask for more in the same style. ;)


You bet. :)
Anything to make your job a little easier... I can't believe you're doing this all on your own.
You have my permission to do anything you wish, and I'd be more than happy to do up other icons when the need arises.



I just discovered that I had a typo in my original table code (I forgot a ").  It didn't affect the functionality at all, but perfectionist that I am, I had to fix it.

A new fixed file has been attached in the first post. :)


very nice graffix! i like it! it was a bit difficult to skim through the links in the normal admin thing, this makes it quick ;) no offense bloc ;D
can't wait to see this integrated with the next release of tp (and download manager muahahhahahahahaha)


Yea this makes it much easier to look at the links.  I think Bloc should do it like this by default. IMO.


Thanks guys.
I also can't wait for the download manager... every time I log in here, and I see the 'TinyPortal v0.8 by Bloc' in the bottom right-hand corner, the anticipation almost becomes unbearable... ;)


Be patient. It already looks like Bloc is working 25hrs a day, 8 days a week on it.


Hey GF pretty slick little hack,

works like a charm