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Author Topic: Steps to install Tp 0.96 on SMF 1.1 Final for those who cant wait for TP 0.97  (Read 21833 times)

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It work for me so it should for others.
This is for those who have updated their smf to 1.1 final and lost their TP and want it back.

First open your TP_096.zip and find package-info.xml file and open it with notepad or some thing like it. find 1.1 RC3 and replace it with 1.1 RC3, 1.1  it should be found 7 times.  Then save and replace it back in the  TP_096.zip file.  Up load the file and apply the mod an you should be back up and running with TP 0.96 and SMF 1.1 
Thats it.

Attached is a copy of the package-info.xml  with .TXT added just remove the .TXT and replace it in your TP_096.zip or use the TP_096-1.1.zip that has the edited package-info.xml  inside.

PS I do not take any responsibility if this crashes or blows up or any other problems so use at your own risk..   But is is working for me and 3 other sites with out any other problems.

OK with that all out of the way have  fun and enjoy your TP and SMF 1.1

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I'm game for this..
I have one install of smf 1.1 in my sig "ask a biker"
I'll let you know how it goes..

oh yeah! Does anyone know if the 1.1rc3 TP  0.95 themes will work with
smf1.1 & modded TP 0.96? thanks again
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  • Guest
With the update from 1.1 RC3 to the final 1.1 I did not lose any installed themes. They all work fine.  But as new updates for themes come out I would update the ones you use.

The Danger

  • Guest
It worked! I love you.


  • Guest
Cool Il be trying this ;) no wonder I was sat here waiting - had a feeling someone was gonna get it workin :D thanx


  • Guest
I haven't attempted any mods but all my themes are working!!

The Danger

  • Guest
When I installed 1.1 it crapped out, I was on TP 9.5 lost it all. Endless Night theme didn't work, blocs were gone... tried to install 9.6 and it wouldn't let me.... ran this fix and it worked great. Everything is back, my old blocs came right up.


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cool it works now iv just got to edit the css to match my site ;)


  • Guest
Yep, works fine.

Thanks for that


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Well, I get this message: 

The package you tried to upload either is not a valid package or has become corrupted.