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The Showcase Board is for our Members to Showcase their sites that use SMF and TinyPortal.

Any topics for sites that no longer use TinyPortal are subject to deletion at any time, at the discretion of the TP Support Site staff.

Legends of Nor'Ova

Started by mythus, March 11, 2017, 10:42:17 PM

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Site Name: Legends of Nor'Ova
Site URL: legendsofnorova
Site Owner: mythus
Site Designer: mythus
Theme Designer: Original theme is AlphaCentauri © 2015-2016, BHKristiansen, however I have applied a dozen or so html and css edits.
Site Genre: site: tabletop RPG wiki; forum: dystopian fantasy post-to-play rpg

Legends of Nor'Ova is home to, well, Legends of Nor'Ova. I know I know, duh right? Well Legends of Nor'Ova is a table top RPG game, and the website's "wiki" is that game. The site's wiki is powered by the very nice and rubust articles and category tools provided by TinyPortal, and the downloads is of course provided by TinyPortal.

The website is also home to the forum post-to-play game called Legends of Nor'Ova: Children of Ablution. It is a free form story sharing experience set within the dystopian 5th Era, a time beyond the great magic apocalypse where the very world is lethal and those in power eagerly climb over the weak to remain in control and comfortable. The setting is derived from the Saga of Ablution campaign for Legends of Nor'Ova, and all of the lore, settings, and history come from that.

So in all, the website strives to be a place where you can slip away from reality...

The easiness and power of TinyPortal's articles, categories, and menu management. The robust SMF forums.
The ease of customizing an already great looking theme to best suit the site.
The stability and speed of it all.

The insert image tool in the article manager - it is just clumsy so I resorted to html and ftp.
The lack of a working WYSIWYG editor for SMF.
The lack of a "sort by title/name" for TinyPortal categories.


Very nice site... I really like the work that you've done on the theme.  O0
" If everything seems under control, you're not going fast enough." - Mario Andretti
Yesterday When I was Young.


Thanks! There's still some things I'd like to do theme wise but I'm happy with how it all has turned out.


I agree with Ken, nice job on the theme. Where did you download it from? I have to redo the version we're running here, as this one's installed as a mod. not a theme.

Glad you're enjoying Tinyportal and thanks for the feedback, dislikes noted.  ;)


Thanks lurkalot. I downloaded the theme from the SMF theme site. It looked more like the theme here when I did of course.

One thing to note: when using the theme with TinyPortal 1.2R, you need to make a change to the theme's index.css. THe change you need to make is: (put at the bottom of the css file)

input, .input_text, button, select, select > option {
    border: 1px inset #A9A9A9 !important;

You have to put this in or you won't see where the subject field is when you make a new post. TinyPortal 1.2R has

* {
    border: 0px;

in tp-style.css which removes the borders making the subject field any any other fields if you have for example the topic descriptions mod on, impossible to see without the index.css addition noted above.

Other than that, it all works good as AlphaCentauri is responsive and 1.2R is responsive.


mythus Thanks for the heads up on that issue, I'll make use of it when I redo this one. Not sure if bloc tested the theme on TP before releasing.