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Author Topic: How Do I Take A Screenshot?  (Read 6070 times)

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How Do I Take A Screenshot?
« on: April 25, 2008, 04:10:42 AM »
Screenshots are always helpful when showing off a block code snippet, module/modification feature, or when asking for help with a problem on your site.

If you are unfamiliar with photo/image editing problems, this is your basic Windows default on setting up a screenshot with MS Paint.

  • Step 1.| Make sure you can see clearly on your screen what you want to take a screenshot of.

  • Step 2.| Press "Print Screen".

  • Step 3.| Go To Start > Accessories > Paint and open the program.

  • Step 4.| Now Press [Ctrl V] or select "edit > paste" within the paint program.

  • Step 5.| Now in the Paint program, select "file > save as > choose name and select jpg from the dropdown list. NOTE: remember where you saved the file on your PC!

  • Step 6.| To apply the screenshot to your post, click "Additional Options..." below the textarea, then select "browse" and find the image on your PC that you want attach.

  • Step 7.| When you are finished writing your post, and have selected the image you want to attach, just click submit as usual and your good to go!

Note: some sites have a tight restriction on attachment file size.

Other Options:

If you have a photo/image editor you would rather use than MS paint. Simply press "print screen" as stated above and paste it in your workspace within your favorite photo/image editing program.

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