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showcase posting guide

Showcase Board Posting Guide

The Showcase Board is for our Members to Showcase their sites that use SMF and TinyPortal.

Any topics for sites that no longer use TinyPortal are subject to deletion at any time, at the discretion of the TP Support Site staff.

What makes a good Showcase?

Started by Zetan, June 12, 2009, 10:13:49 AM

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We encourage Administrators to Showcase their SMF / TP websites here. You've installed SMF, you choose TinyPortal as your portal. You pick out a nice theme, install a few mods.. You have some content going on the home page and now you want to attract some attention to your site and all the hard work you put in, you want some constructive feedback.

You've also followed the Posting Guide and Rules for the Showcase Board, haven't you?:

2.| Please use this structure for showcasing your site: *[updated 13/6/2009 - Zetan]

    Site Name:
    Site URL:
    Site Owner:
    Site Designer:
    Theme Designer:
    Site Genre:

    A brief introduction. Describe what your site is about.

    FEEDBACK (optional)*

Is that enough? The optional sections, Likes and Dislikes? Guide updated to include: Introduction. Amended: Feedback. It's optional, so can you ignore it, right? Sure you can. It's your topic, your site and your Showcase. Personally, for a long time I've noticed *Showcase* topics from some people are just lazily posted up with little regard for it's content. If it wasn't for the team here pestering people to follow the guide, many would just simply post a link and say, "hey check out my site.. Plz Join.. Plz, plz, plz". In my opinion, it isn't good enough to just post a link and expect to just be an advertising platform.

If you are an Admin of any website, blog, forum.. etc... You can be sure that you've let yourself in for a lot of writing. If you think you are just going to open a site and people will write all the content for you, you are deluded. So, why not spend 10 minutes writing a good Showcase with an introduction for your site that you can copy / paste here, at SMF and possibly at other sites?

We want good sites to Showcase here as much as you, the Administrators reading this, want to show off your hard work. We've never refused entry to the Showcase board as long as the rules and guide is followed.

Below I've posted some example links to good and bad Showcases, the first 3 are team member sites, picked solely because they were in the first few pages and so we don't just pick on a particular site owners topic.

My showcase:,26502.0.html

Ken.s showcase:,12821.0.html

G6's showcase:,21017.0.html

Then you have a *cough* Showcase with no replies at all:,28695.0.html

That topic was picked because it had no replies and is a bad example of a showcase.