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Rapidshare.De Upload Block.

Started by alan s, September 11, 2006, 06:26:02 PM

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alan s

A little code i put together for uploading files to , Lets you choose any of the 3 different download networks.Page containing download link opens in new window/tab , Be Patient if its a large file!

<!-- Rapidshare Upload Block Code By Alan S --!><script>function switchfiles() {alert("Please notice that when using multi-upload the sum of\nall files you upload at once must not exceed 300 MB.");
document.getElementById('files').innerHTML = 'File #01: <input type="file" size="64" name="filecontent"><br>File #02: <input type="file" size="64" name="filecontent2"><br>File #03: <input type="file" size="64" name="filecontent3"><br>' +
'File #04: <input type="file" size="64" name="filecontent4"><br>File #05: <input type="file" size="64" name="filecontent5"><br>File #06: <input type="file" size="64" name="filecontent6"><br>File #07: <input type="file" size="64" name="filecontent7"><br>' +
'File #08: <input type="file" size="64" name="filecontent8"><br>File #09: <input type="file" size="64" name="filecontent9"><br>File #10: <input type="file" size="64" name="filecontent10"><br>'}</script>

<form name="ul" method="post" action="" enctype="multipart/form-data" onsubmit="document.ul.u.value='Uploading...';document.ul.u.disabled=true" target="_blank">
  &nbsp;<strong>&nbsp;Pick Upload Network</strong> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;
  <input name="mirror" onclick="document.ul.action='';document.ul.u.value='Upload via Cogent'" type="radio">
Cogent <input checked="checked" name="mirror" onclick="document.ul.action='';document.ul.u.value='Upload via Level(3)'" type="radio">
Level 3 <input name="mirror" onclick="document.ul.action='';document.ul.u.value='Upload via Telia'" type="radio">Telia<br>
<div id="files"><input size="15" name="filecontent" type="file"></div> <input name="u" value="Upload!" type="submit"><br>
<font size="1pt">New Window Will Open Containing Your Download Link, Be Patient!</font>

Demo As Usual :

Edit - New Demo Site


can u do 1 for as well?

the reason i dont like rapidshare is cos of the IP restrictions on downloads....its always giving me "you have to wait 40 mins" etc even if i havent done any downloads for like 2 months lol

alan s

Yea sure give me 10 min and i'll see what i can come up with , the reason your getting that error is because your probably on a shared ip network Ie : other people have the same ip as you so rapidshare counts that ip as one user. Premium accounts have that restriction.Use a proxy. I have a few tools for getting around that anyway , i'll send you a link over pm so you take take a look if you want.


oki doki thanks

it will be cool to over come that issue...its so annoying esp when u know u havent downloaded anything


I have a static IP and only have to wait circa 50 seconds for the first download.

alan s

Ah , sorry to say but megaupload is a no go for a block.To Complicated Coding. You Have A Session ID each time you upload a file and that session expires after a few minutes.Also you have to enter a topic description for every file you upload which would make the snippet too big anyway for a block. Check Your Pms Btw , Send you that rapidshare tool.


alan s

What doesnt work? I fixed the demo if thats what you mean.


Don`t work on IE 7    :o
On firefox works fine !!!   ^-^