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Author Topic: Host suggestion  (Read 11805 times)

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Re: Host suggestion
« Reply #20 on: October 16, 2006, 04:00:20 PM »
darn..I forgot about the online translator...


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Re: Host suggestion
« Reply #21 on: October 16, 2006, 04:54:46 PM »
Haha!! I understand to ;)     :2funny:   We have secrets.... lalalala..
just joking guys ;)

How well will the server run if 50+ members run the video stream at the same time on that server ?
I read a post on Simplemachines about some one that wanted to change host from a shared linux server to a dedicated Windows based server, and the admins there pretty much said DONT !! cause a lot of settings and such had to be done, and that was some thing of a really big headache  ???

He he ja men tydligen finns ju Babelfish så lika bra vi tar det på Engelska ;)

Its soo simple to setup both MySql and php on a windows based Server but those guys dont want any freeware when they want you to by expensive SQL server database instead of the free MySql. Of cause the web hosters are charging for the MySql service to but its usally cheap in compare with Microsoft SQL Server.. I have succesfully once setup SimpleMachine Forum to run on the MSDE 2000 sql server that ships with office XP but some functions neede so mutch modifying..

Of cause you must have some understanding in IIS and now how to handle ISAPI filters but its very easy... I will publish a step by step Tutorial at the test community and maybe i will do a video tutorial

Then to your question abut Media streaming..
The server can handle up to 100 000 connection but as you now i just dont have the bandwith to transmit that many strems with my poor 1.5Mbit... If you tested the preview movie you should now that it streams at only 358Kbit and if you change your display settings to 800x600 and zoom to 200% in Windows Media player you have a good resolution.. and if you have a TV Out on your display adapter you will have VCD Quality on your TV...

I also have a non public stream on 758Kbit and that has the same quality as any DivX Movie and streams in Dolby Surrand 5.1 ;)

So i really want your fiber then we could have som really fun days :)