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Weather Block

Started by MetalHellsangel, March 17, 2006, 04:43:06 AM

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Users enter their zip code and get a short weather report

Download & Support Here


Too wide for my liking but none the less a good script.


You can add some php to resize it, feel free to edit it to suit your needs.


Or just resize the script:

Displays a weather block where the user can input a zipcode and see the weather in that area

echo "<form id=\"weather\" name=\"weather\" method=\"post\" action=\"" . $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] . "\">
  <label>Zip Code
  <input name=\"zip\" type=\"text\" size=\"5\"/>
  <input type=\"submit\" name=\"Submit\" value=\"Submit\" />

$zipcode = $_POST['zip'];

echo  "<a href=\"$zipcode\"><img src=\"$zipcode&hwvdisplay=\" width=\"150\" height=\"100\" border=\"0\" title=\"\"></a>";


True you can change the height and width


I did notice their graphic is too wide. You could resize via html or you could edit & rehost the graphic or, a simpler block would be to create a javascript/html block and insert the following:

<form target="weather" action= ><font color=#000000><p align="center"><font size="1">Find your Weather<br>Enter City, State, Zip, or Country</font></font><br><font color=#000000><input type=text name=query size=10><input type=submit value="Forecast"></font></form>


well here's where the graphic is if your interested in putting it on your site, but I'm not sure how it would work because it's a live graphic


Right again - I just went looking at that.


I have 200 wide side blocks, I suppost that why it looks differently on your site.


Unfortunately, I have too many people still running around with their resolutions set at 640X480 - nice wide columns are out of the question.

640X480 computer users whine a lot.   ;D