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Mkportal --> TinyPortal

Started by liga-pes, June 26, 2009, 12:32:55 PM

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La verdad es que llevo algo más de un año con MkPortal, no me ha dado problemas pero ahora quiero hacer este cambio ya que un amigo me lo recomendo para hacer lo que quiero hacer en mi web, por que segun tengo entendido TP es un mod y por lo tanto se instala dentro de SMF. Entonces la página del portal saldría bajo el banner y menú de navegación del foro verdad?

Una vez dicho esto aquí viene mi problema, al pasar a TP no quiero perder posicionamiento en google, entonces como podría hacerlo ya que MkPortal necesita instalarse en la raiz del servidor en una carpeta a parte de SMF, entonces tengo disribuido todo así.
            /index.php (foro)
      /index.php (mkportal)

Por lo tanto la página de inicio de mi web esta en "/index.php" y la del foro en "/foro/index.php", entonces ahí está el problema, que la página de inicio de mi web es la que esta mejor posicionada en google, y al instalar TP como podría hacer para que el portal se mostrara en "/index.php" si TP se instala dentro del foro?


P.D: Podeis comprobar como esta todo en

Herr Inoddorell

Creo que por defecto la página del inicio de TP está en index.php, es decir, se instala así por defecto. Por lo que dudo que te vaya a modificar algo.

Igual mejor deja que responda alguien de soporte de aquí, a ver si hay alguna forma de llevar a cabo lo que quieres hacer. Solo dí mi opinión.

Una duda, el posicionamiento de google que mencionas, te estarías refiriendo al PageRank no?

Saludos ;).


Ya pero el problema es que yo tengo el foro dentro de la carpeta "foro" en el directorio raiz del servidor, y TP como dices tu saldria como en el "/index.php" pero ese no es mi caso. A mi me saldría en "/foro/index.php" y el posicionamiento de "/index.php" que es donde tengo mkportal ahora se perderia y es el que esta mejor posicionado de mis paginas.

Para que nos entendamos mejor, un foro de TP es asi:
Portal --> www.?????.com/index.php
Foro --> www.?????.com/index.php?action=forum

Y yo lo tengo asi:
Portal --> www.?????.com/index.php
Foro --> www.?????.com/foro/index.php

Entonces a mi con TP se me instalaria asi:
Portal --> www.?????.com/foro/index.php
Foro --> www.?????.com/foro/index.php?action=forum

Vamos que perderia el posicionamiento de mi pagina principal y de todos los contenidos de mi foro.

Y si posicionamiento viene a ser mas o menos lo mismo k pagerank.

Herr Inoddorell

Claro, de ese modo se perderia el posicionamiento en Google. De cualquier modo lo que haría sería instalarlo y a traves de un cliente FTP mover las carpetas y archivos relacionados con el TinyPortal a la dirección que desees, aunque resulta algo un tanto engorroso.

Pero dejemos que alguien de soporte responda, ya que no estoy seguro.



Ya si al final lo tendre que hacer aunque pierda posicionamiento, pero es una pena la verdad..seria bueno que se pudiera poner el portal, aunque este instalado dentro de la carpeta "/foro/" que pille la direccion como ".com/index.php" pero esto supongo que hasta que no pase por aqui alguien de soporte como bien dices no podremos saber nada..jeje

Herr Inoddorell

ZarPrime we need ya!! ;D

EDIT: En tal caso sino intenta crear un thread planteando la misma cuestión que aquí en el foro de soporte (inglés). Ya que aquí no responde casi nadie lamentablemente xD.



Herr Inoddorell,

Please explain to me what the problem here is and I will try to help.  However, be aware that I don't know very much about MKPortal.

From what I can get out of this, he has MKPortal installed and wants to wrap it around an SMF Forum.  It sounds like the MKPortal is redirected to the root of his site.  You can't redirect both MKPortal and the SMF Forum to the root of the site, only one of them can be the root.

Please explain to me what is going on here as I am unable to understand.


Herr Inoddorell

It's about a TP installation question. liga-pes wants to uninstall MKPortal and install TP. The problem here is that he wants to install TP in the root of the forum, because otherwise he will lose its Google PageRank.

Actually, his website address is in the way:

Portal Index Page --> www.??.com/index.php
Forum Index Page --> www.??.com/foro/index.php

Logically, the TP Index Page url would be --> www.??.com/foro/index.php. If TP is installed in this way, he will lose its PageRank in Google (we think). So, he wants TP Index Page to be like --> www.??.com/index.php (not www.??.com/foro/index.php).

Is there any way to achieve the installation, the way I posted above?

Hope you understand my english ;D


Yes, you did fine with your English, it's just as good as mine. ;)

OK, let me do some checking on this.  His Forum is likely indexed separately from the current Portal by Google anyway.  It may be as simple as uninstalling MKPortal, which is in his root, and then moving the Forum from the Foro/ folder into the root.  Of course, then you'd have to run repairsettings.php to tell the Forum the locations of everything have been changed.  I don't know if it's this easy or not, so give me a little time to bounce this around to the other support people here to see what they say about it.

In the meantime, can you see if you can get the url to his main page and the url to his Forum so that I can look on Google to see if they are both indexed.


Herr Inoddorell

Sure, it's posted in the opening post.

Portal index at -->

Forum index at -->

Thanks for your help! ;)


Herr Inoddorell,

OK, I found a topic on SMF that tells how to do this.  It's located here ...

If you read on down in that topic, there is an interesting method written by Tyrsson of SMF Support.  Basically, you can create an index.php file in the root that calls the SMF Forum from the folder where it is located.  If you do it this way, you don't have to go through the hassle of moving all of your Forum into the root of your site.  That post is here ...

Of course, MKPortal will have to be uninstalled from the root of your site first before anything.  Google bots may have to reindex the site anyway.


Herr Inoddorell

Alright, thank you, but if Google may have to reindex the site, he will lose its PageRank?


It's hard to tell how doing this will affect the page ranking for the forum.  It looks to me like it couldn't hurt anything though.  However, I am going to bounce this off the team here and see if anybody else has any thoughts on it.

Herr Inoddorell, give me a little time on this.  If anyone else comes in here to comment on it, you may have to translate for liga-pes.


EDIT:  I don't know much about how page rank works with Google or even how to find out what a page rank is for a site.  Let me address this with the team and see if anybody else knows anything about this.

Herr Inoddorell

Sure, don't worry. I'll be here for everything I can help :up:


OK, I have placed a topic in the Team Board about this so perhaps somebody else who knows about this will come in here and join in.

In the meantime, I found a PageRank Checker online, but I don't know how accurate it is.  It is probably correct.  The url is here --->

I ran both of his url's through it and it actually says that the PageRank for his main url is 0 out of 10 and for the one with /foro/index.php is 1 out of 10 ...
Portal index at -->
Forum index at -->

So, it appears that his Forum itself already has a higher page rank.


Herr Inoddorell

Oh, I think I missed something in the explanation :-\. I mentioned PageRank but I don't know if he's using it, maybe he's using another google positioning ranking, no exactly PageRank, he didn't specify for it. My apologies about that :-X.

I used url and it throws 2/10 ???.


First I want to thank your interest in my problem. :)

ZarPrime the main url for my pagerank is 2, because the users put at navigator bar "www.liga" and not "" so the best pagerank of my website is at "" (although this is redirected to "") and the pagerank of my forum url is 1.

I understand that TP is a mod and therefore installed within SMF. Then the portal page stay under the banner of the forum and the navigation menu right?

I want install TP at ".com / forum /" which is the place where I installed SMF, but that the portal is seen in ".com / index.php.

I wait to have explained well since I continue studying English now and it is not very good. :P



The problem is that TP doesn't exist in another folder than SMF - it "takes over" the plain "index.php" for itself(which normally is the SMF front) and adds anew section called index.php?action=forum for SMF front.

So having them separate isn't possible as such..but you can do a few tricks, like for example using SSI.php on a page located at your root. its somewhere in these boards, a explanation of that, and it will extract from forum(which can stay at /foro/ folder) and present links that goes into the /foro/ folder then.

About doesn't mean so much if the site structure changes - as long as the urls that have high pagerank(in your case at the root, without "index.php. Much the same here, I got pagerank 6, but lesser with the index.php attached) stays the same. So i would actually just move everything to root and bet on that pagerank instead, since its higher.


Quote from: Bloc on June 29, 2009, 11:32:08 AM
So having them separate isn't possible as such..but you can do a few tricks, like for example using SSI.php on a page located at your root. its somewhere in these boards, a explanation of that, and it will extract from forum(which can stay at /foro/ folder) and present links that goes into the /foro/ folder then.

Yes, you could do it with ssi.php and that has been discussed here on TP before.

In this post on SMF --->

Tyrsson mentions a method that seems quite elegant ...

Quote from: Tyrsson
To redirect a subdomained forum to the root domain name do this:

You don't really have to move it.  You can do this.

If you don't already have a index.php file in your root directory


Save this as index.php in the root.  Of course change the url to point to the correct place ;)

Once the MKPortal index.php is no longer in the root, it seems like this method would work pretty well without using ssi.php but I don't know because I haven't tried it.  However, this should allow you to use or and it should pickup the Forum in the /foro/ folder instead without having to move the Forum to the root of the site.



Yes, you can redirect..but I suspect Google picks up on it when it redirects so quickly.

Maybe its better to use SSI.php to show something which then LINKS back into the forum folder.That way its clear thats its 2 separate pages.


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