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September 25, 2023, 01:28:12 AM

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Siteground and other hosting issues

Started by cepsi, February 10, 2009, 01:09:22 PM

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is it me or is Siteground a pain in the butt! After my site had ben up for just 3 weeks and had barely any traffic, the site was crashing, getting blank paged, and errors galour. They said that i would have to move to a VPS (obv. more money). So i did, then 1 month later, more slowness out of nowhere and i had to move to a DS, which i did.
NOW, suddenly, without me adding any huge scripts or anything im getting timeouts and general sluggishness (lit. all of a sudden).
So off i go to the gauntlet you have to run to get to the help desk of Siteground, and lo and behold the answer i get is well apache cant handle your scripts weve increased your timeout but  u really need to upgrade (Again!).
This upgrade will double my server costs again, and i suspect that in a few weeks/months i will suddenly start getting timeouts and db crashes again and then i will have to upgrade to some kind of huge monster of a server that the type Amazon have and start donating Organs to pay for it (My site isnt evenb that big!).

Can anyone recommmend a good host that won't rip me off and offer decent rates for a DS and better support than Siteground. And am i alone in this or are siteground known for trying to squeeze blood out of, and induce insanity into  their customers?

And how easy is it to transfer to another server?

ty for anyone with any knowledge of this cos i need some advice! ATM stuck in the siteground "waiting room" to see if i can can get a reduced rate on this DS lmao (as if they will)  :2funny:

:uglystupid2: :tickedoff: :knuppel2:

EIT: in my rage i think i posted this in the wrong place srry!


o0o what a shock! when i tell them that fine im moving to another server next month amazingly everything is running fine again! Could it be that the credit crunch is forcing companies to try and rip people off in the quest to bankrupt the little man??
what have i learnt from this? Shout at them and threaten to leave!


UK based, highly recommended, customer support is second to none. They replied to a support ticket with 5 minutes last week.. at night.


sweet thx ill check that out for sure, had a look at some others like Liquid and thePlanet, but its hard to trust reviews on searches cos thats wher i found siteground grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


wow! simply wow i have been geeting ripped off by siteground! evo looks perfect.
guess i better start researching how to move everything! im getting more for my money at half the b***dy price!

thx for that link zetan u may have just saved my sanity and me a wad of cash!


oh, I've sworn at them too, but they have always come through.

Last year they moved our site from the US to a UK server (same hosting company). Then shut down the US servers and had them dismantled. I made a huge boo boo and accidently deleted my whole site (don't work on a site at 3 am!). The backups didn't work.. But the contacted the US exchange, retrieved the hard drive and had it put in a rack, retrieved my site and had it back up the next day. It would have cost us a lot of money.. but the US hosting company owed a few favours and Tim called one in for me.

Can't complain at support like that!

[edit] If you do decide to use Evo.. I'd appreciate using the Affiliate link, in the Footer of my website.


will do zetan, i have till teh end of the month so am going to have a good look to make sure i find the right one. Evo looks great so far, and plus as they are in the UK if they mess up its not far for me to go and kick their A** :) ;)


glad you found a good referral. I have heard nothing but bad things about siteground. Any company that tells you upgrading is your only option without showing you why sounds shifty to me.

The 2 I currently use are
aspirationhosting and hostquack
But I don't know anything about their dedicated hosting so I can't vouch for them on that.

I can tell you to stay far far far away from ixwebhosting and hostexcellence.
I also don't recommend godaddy, but I am forced to use them for one site I work on. They're fine for domain names but I have issues with them as a hosting company (I think they overcharge for very little service & features). seems to have some honest reviews on it, I think. I didn't look too closely but if I see that most reviews have at least 1 negative comment by a user at least I know the site isn't being biased.


I really like using currently .. some don't, but with UNlimited DB's I likes it ..... :)

     Domain Reviews
I have become comfortably numb!

Cripzone | Crip's Free 2.0.2 Themes


CWI Hosting

I have been with them for 9 years and I know the owner....


How busy is your site? How many users do you have on and stuff? Judging from the link in your profile here on your poker site, there is NO WAY you should need a dedicated server for that site. If it is indeed, the site you're referring to. :)


Not that I want to push Evo.. their site can speak for itself, and I'm not bothered about referral fees... but if you are really unhappy with your current host, Evo does offer:

Quote from: EvohostingAre you interested but are currently locked into a contract with another hosting provider? Check out our "Let Us Pay" scheme where we can arrange for upto 6 months FREE hosting!

If you can "get out" with another host.. thats cool. I read many nightmare stories about hosts.. It's nice to see that some people are happy with theirs.. JPDenni has posted a review of her host:,28261  :up:

So, at least you have some good options.


Thanks for the reference, Zetan. :D I would likely go with a company that was in my own country. I'm not sure it makes that much of a difference, but it would make me feel better. Also you don't have to deal with different currency.


thx for the info again.
Probably is the site Ich, thepokerpod we get between 20-60 people at any one time, friday and the weekend this goes up a fair bit, but nothing huge. They moved me to a VPS after 3 weeks and we were only getting 15-20 at most. Its only been up just over 4 month s or so, im almosty dreading getting more traffic lol.
Gonna do alot of reading up on hosts this week.
Ideally i want a dedicated server so i dont have to worry about anything for a good while. want it to be as fast and efficient as possible cos some people spend alot of time on there.


Ich is right. There is NO WAY you should need a VPS or DS with that many people.