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[Site Resource] Forum Etiquette

Started by Xarcell, February 06, 2006, 02:28:25 AM

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1.| SEARCH: "The Best Help You Can Get".

  • A. Before You Ask, SEARCH!!!
    This is one of the single most important things you can do. In most cases, this is the fastest, most sufficient way to find an answer to your problem. Be sure to use the right key words...

2.| POSTING: "Getting Started, Cause & Effect".

  • A. Start With A Clear Subject Line.
    Not everyone has time reading all forum postings. To ensure that your message reach the right people at timely manner, identify your topic clearly in the subject line. Subject Lines  like a "question" and "problem" are unacceptable. Your issue may be overlooked...

  • B. In Most Cases, Don't Post To A Specific Person.
    This is what Private Messages(PM) are for. It clutters the boards, and most people find this annoying. Even though it's tempting to try to get some of the "regulars" to answer, don't do it! If they're hanging out (and they always do), they probably would have answered anyway.

  • C. If They Don't Reply, They Don't Know!
    If you post a question and no one responds, you shouldn't take it personally. If someone knows, they'll contribute. If they don't, they won't. There are some really valuable minds in this group, but they don't have the answers to all the problems.

  • D. Post In The Appropriate Forum.
    Please use the appropriate forum when starting a new topic. It's important for those "looking for help", and those "looking to help". Not posting in the appropriate forum will only delay the feedback you desire. We suggest you browse through the forum index, which will also help you understand the use of the various forums.

3.| REPLY: "The Beauty Of Giving & Receiving".

  • A. Continue The Thread Whenever Possible.
    If you have a followup issue within a couple of days of an original post, try to keep it with the original. If someone is trying to help, they don't want to search through days of other posts to find the original discussion. Keeping everything in a single thread makes it easier for others to help.

  • B. Stay On Topic.
    Replies should be answers to the original question. Try not to create sub-conversations in a thread as it complicates reading and really doesn't belong in the thread. If you have a discussion topic that was generated from reading a thread, just start a new thread.

  • C. Trim Your Quoting.
    Do not quote the entire content of the message to which you are replying. Include only as much as is necessary for context. Remember that if someone wants to read the original message, they can; it is easily accessible. A good rule of thumb is, don't include more quoted text than new text.

4.| ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: "The Motivational Tool".

  • A. Post A Followup With Your Results (or at least acknowledge the help)!
    If you take the time to post a question and someone takes the time to post a possible solution, PLEASE be kind enough to acknowledge the help AND post a followup to tell whether it worked or not. Many people use this board as a reference point, and it's very frustrating to find possible solutions with no hint as to what worked or not. Even if you've figured out the answer for yourself, please post the result as there are many who could benefit from your experience.

  • B Use The Karma system. (Optional)
    If someone takes the time to help you, especially more than once on a particular topic, then applaud them for their efforts. Even if it resolves the issue or not. If a person flames you, scolds, or even is just disrespectful, don't hesitate to smite them. A members karma level is a strong indication of the his/her reputation within these boards.

5.| DEMEANOR: "Notion In Motion With Emotion".

  • A. How You Write Your Message, Expresses Your Attitude.
    Please use standard size font when posting. All caps or large or small fonts or all bold or italic is not only hard to read, it's generally considered poor forum etiquette. For example, all caps is considered the equivalent of YELLING.

  • B. If your Post/Topic Isn't Your Common Language, Let Us Know..
    Often, things can turn out misleading, offensive, disrespectful, and even downright confusing.  Even telling us what your common language is, may help you get more replies. Maybe even from someone with the same common language as you.

  • C. No Thread Hijacking.
    Thread hijacking is the act of taking a thread discussion away from the original poster. Often a person may ask a question, and another person replies with a question. Then everyone ends up helping the wrong person. Please don't hijack your own thread, it's worthless reading to those looking for a solution to the same problem.

  • D. No Trolling.
    What is a troll? It's a person who posts something which is bound to stir people up and then sits back and watches as dozens of people jump in and start arguing. Sometimes trolls get their friends to join in or post under different names. Generally they will do anything it takes to get attention. If you see a message like this, please try and refrain from replying to it - it may well be deleted anyway.

  • E. No Power Posting.
    Power-posting is when board members post empty, or short useless messages in order to simply increase their number of posts more quickly. Examples of power-posting are replying to a message with only 'LOL' or 'I agree', but failing to contribute anything further to the discussion. Power posting clutters up the forums, clutters up the 'new posts' function, and uses extra bandwidth and server space.

  • F. No Soliciting, Spamming, Recruiting, Or Advertising.
    All these things should be ignored. It is a blight upon the face of the net and nobody likes it. However, it is hard to avoid. Despite our best efforts, you will very occasionally see these things on the forums. Please ignore them. An administrator or moderator will delete these kinds posts and topic's as soon as possible.

6.| BE PATIENT: "Let's Not Have Panic Attack".

  • A. Don't Duplicate Your Postings.
    Posting the same question two or three times in a row will not lead to a faster response. It just clutters up the board, splits any potential responses between two (or more) threads, and frankly irritates everyone. Also when posting, if the browser displays the error message "The server connection was reset...", refresh the browser page. Your post was probably successful.

  • B. Don't Cross-Post.
    Posting your message in more than one topic is considered cross-posting. It doesn't speed up a response, and only irritates those trying to help It may also make it less likely that you'll receive a help the next time. If you feel the need to bring up your issue in another topic, please just post a link to the topic issue you started. This keeps things organized for everyone.

7.| USE COMMON SENSE: "The Common Understanding".

  • A. Welcome Newcomers. 
    Make them feel welcome in the community. More users = more heads = more ideas & information = more issues & requests resolved.

  • B. Participate.
    The forum is a community, and works best when people share information and participate. Sometimes we may feel lazy, know the answer, but don't reply. This kind of behavior won't keep a community going. We must participate to keep things moving. Remaining active is contagious, and will encourage others.

  • C. We Are A Public, Global Forum. We are frequented visited by people of all ages and nationalities. Different languages, personalites, and humor is in use. What you find humorous, others may very well find crude or offensive. So try to keep it clean...

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