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September 26, 2023, 11:06:32 PM

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Premade Manuall Install Files for SMF 1.1.2_TP V.0971 ( FILES REMOVED )

Started by g6cad, December 19, 2006, 04:35:18 PM

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As i have not been following a guidline i should have, i have to remove this package from TP.

When i started this topic i didnt think of it as redistubuting files from SMF, but more of the files as TPs. But as they are SMF files with modifications in them to work with TP, they are still owned by SMF, and in the license of SMF they do not allow redistrubution of any of their files, even with modifications to them.

And as we have agreed to follow the rules when we use SMF we have to follow the license for it to.

So from this point, the files from this post will be removed, and i hope that no one of our members will repost them in our community as it is TP that will be blamed to not follow the licensagreement.

We still have the guide for what files to change, and where to put in the code.
You find the modification of installing TP manually with copy and paste here
If you dont dare to try, we in the Team will be here to guide and help you get TP installed as we always have.

And one more thing.
We DONT want to have any discussion what so ever about this anywhere in the forum.
Rules are rules, License deals are license deal, and we all that uses SMF files, have agreed to them.

Thank you for your understanding.


did manual install, downloaded .zip files following sources/load.php error...ehnnnnnnnnnt...I didn't have server login
info typed in fault...sorry

this file worked great and I successfully installed 097...thanks G6

This is why the support team here at the bloczone/tinyportal is so strong.



Man I messed up!  I followed instructions and I got this error

Table 'user_430718.smf_tp_settings' doesn't exist


did you run the manual install.php to make sure your database was updated also? if not, grab it from the downloads, upload it to your server, and run it.


Wrong board for this post...
But have you installed your language files for TP V.097 ?
It seems like you are missing the language strings only.
Im not sure we even have the TP language pack in your language.
Please look in the downloadsection languages for TP V.096 or 97 (if they are there for TP V.096 you can use them and just update the few strings to the TP V.097


I will split this topic to a separate thread in the TPsupport forum, This post is not a support thread.

Split topic found here now.


I was a little worried but install went smooth as glass. Thanks!!


If you do things right ans in the correct order, it works great :D

Glad you got it installed :)