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Title: Manuall install guide if you have permission issues with your host.
Post by: G6Cad on May 22, 2008, 04:34:00 AM
Originally made by SandSpyderX but i thought it was a good post to make as sticky in the install board.
Thank you goes out to SandSpyderX for writing this up.

The source of my install problems were problems with my host and SMF.  For some rerason, although the ftp and username were correct, all processes regarding copying, unzipping and changing permissions failed.

This workaround / manual install worked for me:

   SMF 1.15 and TP 1.15 beta
   I did everything on a clean install, thus no other mods, custome themes, etc.

1. unzip 'TPv1.05beta1.zip' locally.

2. upload these files with a FTP program (filezilla) to the install folder of the SMF install,

3. Create 'temp' folder: ./Packages/temp/

4. Change (chmod) the permissions for ./Packages/temp/ to 777  (you can use filezilla for this)

5. Run 'manual_tp_install.php' online (this might prove not to be necessary)

6. Changed the permissions (CHMOD) the following files to 777   (you can use filezilla for this)


7. Log in to your SMF site, go to your admin console, open the 'Packages' manager and  upload 'TPv1.05beta1.zip'
    'Download Packages' tab.

8. Apply the mod. 

9. Change all the permissions in (6) above back to 644.

10. Voila!  (A block called 'Tinyportal' appeard on the left hand side in the Forum Admin page)

This is a workaround, but it is faster and safer than modding all the files yourself.  This basically works around the ftp/chmod issues the SMF package manager has with some web hosts.

I hope this helps others.