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Shoutbox and friendly url (apache only)

Started by raid, March 22, 2008, 07:55:21 PM

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hi guys,

I cannot find a topic, opened by me, if I am not wrong, about this.

When I active the friendly urls, only for apache servers, I saw that when I post on shout box the forum load the TP Home page, this happens only with Friendly urls actived.

how can I fix?

this happens when I loaded a page with friendly url like:

and I post into the shoutbox, the forum loads the TP main page

but all works fine if I am in: http://localhost/smf/index.php?action=forum
and I post into shoutbox.

so the forum do not like friendly urls?

I tested it on a SMF 1.1.4 with TP just installed
SMF 2.0 + TP RC2


That is probably because the shoutbox are outside the forum sp when you hit the shoutbutton, it takes you to the first page like if you do a refresh on the page.
There are no fix for this.