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March 20, 2023, 04:02:07 PM

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Frontpage Articles custom template

Started by SN, May 22, 2010, 06:33:38 PM

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I use Intro for my articles on my front page. Right now im using "Picture + Article 2"

next to that i see " Use custom template "

i was wondering if anybody would be able to code a layout for me, similar to the picture i have attached.

Basically i still want "Picture  + Article 2" style but just arranged in a different way. With the article intros (2) side by side and then links to previous articles underneath

Like this, if you understand me lol ;

[ Article ] [ Article ]
[Previous Article Links]

So its kind of like mixing 3 layout styles together, if you look on the TP admin Frontpage settings, its like... Layout type D & Picture + Article 2 & Just Links, all mixed together

anyway the picture below should explain things more clearly if i have confused you lol

can anybody help?



You can't really do this (specifically) with the custom layout.  It looks to me like the best thing you could do is use a "Single Article"  block for each of the top 2, and then use the layout of your choice, or use an edited version of the custom layout, for the rest.  That layout sets up how each article will look.  It doesn't permit you to say how 2 or more articles will look individually.  I hope this made sense.  I'm getting off for awhile.  I will take a look at how you might do this later when I come back on if nobody else has had a chance to look at it.



I would just choose layout option D in the frontpage settings. Then create a bottom or lower block that grabs the latest articles that you're looking for, which can will be placed under your articles like you want.


Oh nice idea Inch! so maybe all i need to do now is get the code for all recent articles to display in a PHP block like this;

[DATE] - [Article Title] - [ Small Intro]
[DATE] - [Article Title] - [ Small Intro]
[DATE] - [Article Title] - [ Small Intro]

how easy is that to do for a php block, could anybody be kind enough to do that for me, im clueless with PHP :)

Also, i did try the custom template to see what that style was, i see its just the same as Normal Layout.

Is there any chance i can get the custom template code for "Picture + Article 2". Reason being, i like that style and i want to use it on some Articles without a the picture, but i want the article i use it on to still have an Intro with a picture on the front page. So i would just paste the custom  template code for "Picture + Article 2" in the Category settings and delete the part of the code that is the picture.

thanks for trying to help guys :)