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"recent topics" in SMF style

Started by Lesmond, August 17, 2005, 12:01:38 PM

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Quote from: ricardo3523 on March 31, 2010, 08:10:14 PM
Well if you would be able to tell me where I can find my TP version I'd be glad to look it up for you :)
What do you mean exactly, letting you take a look?

Look in your admin > packages



K sooo..

At upper panels ( which this one is ) I had display blocks in 2 collums checked.
I changed to display vertically (default) and for some reason the block went to the same line as the news blocks beneath it..

However.. now ( as you can see ) the right block sticks directly to the news blocks beneath it.. How can that be solved ><

Edit: If I choose '' display according to a grid''   it displays the same as in default but the area beneath the two upper blocks and the block beneath it is kinda huge... There is more space as in the default one.. However here the width is perfect.. 

Soo er... I've run out of thoughts..

Maybe you could tell me your tinyportal panel settings and I can compare them?

shane is my name

In the subject column, Is there a way to have it show who the thread was started by?

If useful an unprofessional modification, for everyone who likes such:

global $context, $modSettings, $txt, $settings;
$context['TPortal']['recentboxnum'] = '50';

$bb = $modSettings['recycle_board'];

$what = ssi_recentTopics($context['TPortal']['recentboxnum'], NULL, NULL, 'array');
$cmax = count($what);

echo '
<div style="width: 100%; overflow: auto; height: 30ex;">';

foreach($what as $w)
echo '
<div class="smalltext"><b><a href="'.$w['href'].'">' . $w['short_subject'] . '<span style="color:black; font-weight: normal"> in </span></a></b></div> ';
echo '
<div class="smalltext"><span style="font-size:80%">', $w['board']['link'],
<div class="smalltext">', $txt['by'], ' <span style="font-weight: 600"><i>', $w['poster']['link'], '</i></span></div>
<div class="smalltext">';
echo '<a href="'.$w['href'].'"><img border="0" src="'.$settings['images_url'].'/'.$context['user']['language'].'/new.gif" alt="new" /></a> ';

echo '<span style="font-size:80%">['.$w['time'].']</span>

if($counter != $cmax)
echo '<hr />';
echo '

Changes (used the "original")
Attached a screenshot

1- like the original
2- add 'Text'(text-weight normal)
3- add Board where posted (text-weight normal, size: 80%; note: the even smaller text in the pictur comes form another side)
4- 'by' (text-weight normal) Member (cursive)
5- (text-size: 80%)

Credits to: Moritz, generously done the "hard" stuff

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How to add the counting number of the topics before before topic icon?


1   The title
2   The Post
3   Bla....