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September 22, 2023, 06:11:54 PM

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Can Someone Tell Me

Started by MayoMan123, September 13, 2006, 12:44:05 AM

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Can someone give ma a free host that will be able to host a smf forum with tiny portal on it. Thanks


I have become comfortably numb!

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Nikki Sixx

And whomever you choose, make sure they give you the ability to create MySQL backups. I know many free hosting services with available databases will restrict the ability to make back-ups, iteratively charging the user a ridiculous price to obtain one. It's their way of keeping all user accounts from transferring out of their service so they can ultimately charge more for advertising making these profit-driven monopolist rich.


try this one:


I don't think x10 provides a database with free plan.

I love


Yes it does. 3 db with the advanced plan and 5 with the corporate.



Well, its a real good host. I have been with them for awhile now with minimal problems. I.m on the business server now but I used to be on the free server and it's just as good.

alan s

As usual i'd recommend that. No fored ads , post to host solutions and automated account creation so when you reach the required amount of points you can create your account yourself.


My bad :'(. I really didn/t look at the other plans once I saw the basic one.

They do put adds on your site though :down:. Zeeble doesn't. :up:

What is that "ad free hosting for 10 minutes of your time" thing all about. Seems they want you to register to find out?

Here is another one with only 5mb BW though.It may take a while for them to set up the acct too.


They don't use forced ads they give you the code for the ads so you can place it where you want. As for the ad free hosting; the more you post on the support forums the more points and x10cash that can be accumulated. X10cash can be turned in to buy domain names, get rid of ads from your site and even to get a paypal payouts. Yep you can get real cash buy turning your forum points into x10cash and have them give you a paypal payout.

You can also automatically unsuspend your acccount and account creation is also automatic.


well i fiannly found a good host but now i need to know how to use MySql


All you need to know can be found right here....


If you are just going to install tp +smf you do not need to know much about mysql