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[REQUEST] Better provider?

Started by Aicin, August 28, 2006, 03:40:09 PM

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Hello everyone,

I commonly get database errors on my site, it seems to happen more often when a larger number of visitors hit my site all at once.  I am using SMF with Tinyportal.  I have talked to a few people about the issue, the most common errors I get are:

Incorrect key file for table: xxxx
Cant find file
Table error 127

From the people that I have spoken with they seem to think that the issue is not the database, or SMF but the provider.  I need some more input, has anyone else run into this issue?  Did you switch providers and did that hep?  Who did you host with?  It is becoming very tedious to repair my tables every couple of hours.



I've never seen those errors before. I would have to say that either the MySQL server is over loaded or corrupted. I would suggest a host change too.


Maybe you should switch hosts. That's the most reasonable thing to do.


Edit: Or


Thanks for the responses.  I will check out the sites you mentioned.


Ok. They both are free hosts so you can make an account on both and see which you like more. That's if you have the time though.


i would recomend

they are not free but (you get what you pay for)

they offer alot of diferent plans. including vps and dedicated (they are not shown (yet))

i have been with him for months. and i have had maybe 5 errors shown from the database total..

i currently have a modified plan based on the silver shared ;) costing me 9.95 a month and it works great.

i am runing 1 major forum for my clan. another slow going forum for a clan that is friendly to us. and 2 test forums for rc3 and mods.

and another super major forum is in the planing ;) i also have one domain registered with them.

everything is wonderful i recomend them to everyone i can.

he even knows alot about smf and even has the servers configured just for smf!!!

anything else you want to know just lmk! ;)


Actually I'm using Cknetworx and at one time I had 3 smf forums and 1 ipb. Actually I still have all of them up. And in CKnetworx you can win promotional prizes from playing poker or buying extra webspace or domains whether it's .com or subdomains with the money you earn posting. Well I don't pay anything, and if I wanted I can buy 100 mb space, leaving me with half a gig...I'm just saying. :)


It could also be an incorrect configuration from the MySQL install causing data corruption somewhere in the line. Which would indicate (in my opinion) your host doesn't know what they are doing. I agree with Jpg on the whole find a new host statement. I've never had any problems with my host. If you want to take a look at them>


MrHaus is probably right. It sounds like a MySQL error.


It is a SQL table error

Here are the codes listed and what the error is all about

Your error 127 = Record-file is crashed

To fix it you can read on this site and follow the steps provided there

126 = Index file is crashed / Wrong file format
127 = Record-file is crashed
132 = Old database file
134 = Record was already deleted (or record file crashed)
135 = No more room in record file
136 = No more room in index file
141 = Duplicate unique key or constraint on write or update
144 = Table is crashed and last repair failed
145 = Table was marked as crashed and should be repaired