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September 22, 2023, 08:37:27 PM

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[PAID] DreamHost

Started by Xarcell, June 20, 2006, 01:36:18 PM

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no, it seems to run just fine

compared to other sites i would say its loading up pretty fast and well

and havent had any complaints from people ether to be honest


Just add this CODE
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I will stay with servage! a few more $$$ but I know it works :)

yucky smurf

since day 1 of using smf, it was and has been hosted on dream host.

personally i chose dreamhost for its cost / bandwidth transfer ratio.

i never had an issue thus far with them.
my smf members download large files quickly,
i get emails from people asking how on earth does the forum load so fast.

my ftp connect and transfer/download is never a program.

everyone has their own experiences and opinions.......


That's true.

But when you are with someone and it works for you it's a big hassle to move 4 sites to a new server

Skal Tura

I tried dream host also as part of market study, and my impressions is that it's amazing how they manage to get people to pay for that poor service...

Somewhere here should be some of my posts about problems with dreamhost... and there's a lot of them... They cause an problem on almost a weekly basis, shutting down sites, dowtime, panel outages, network outages... you name it, they've got it! problem wise...


They were having some real problems, I guess, but the only thing I noticed was that my site was a bit slow. They've done some upgrading and it's working fine now for me.

Skal Tura

I've had mainly only problems with them.
One month: 3 server swaps! oO;
2 weeks after opening the account: Panel has been always slow, and pages quite slow too mainly.


Maybe I just got lucky and ended up on a good server. With everything, YMMV. :)


A lot of people also make the mistake of not evaluating the size of their site

like before i went with dream host I read a review by some guy completely dissing dreamhost about how terrible their service is etc etc and he was using their basic plan

i visited his site it has 85+ people logged in

obiviously thats a task for a VPS or Dedicated server not a shared host!

for me DH has been great and no problems...once my site gets too big ill have no option but to switch over since DH currently dosent have any more dedicated servers available or VPS ones either

otherwise id prefer to stay with them

Skal Tura

Are you sure he didn't mean customer service? That's their weakest point.