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September 22, 2023, 09:14:59 AM

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Started by Skal Tura, May 27, 2006, 09:43:13 AM

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Skal Tura

  I'm the guy who administers this server,

Lately, we updated MySQL which required us to update Apache etc. we decided to up PHP & Zend also at the same run.

Zend caused random PHP scripts to hang, and consume 100% CPU time. We hunted for this problem for a long time etc. we downgraded PHP + Zend for the timebeing, to just get things work(TM). Which failed, an We didn't notice until first trouble tickets!

This caused this site to have session problems (fixed now, as you can see!), it was really simple, i cleared all the server PHP sessions + upgraded PHP to newest 4.x series PHP. It did the trick, and everything works now.

The main reason why this happened was file ownership changes -> phpSuExec was temporally off at one point.

Anyways, this is fixed now :)

- Skal /


And we from the TinyPortal Team cant thank you enough for fixing this :)

And also, thank you for loging in and tell us what went wrong and how you fixed it.


Skal Tura

Any one from Tinyportal dev-team is welcome to contact me personally and ask what's going on also :)


Still seem to be problems using Firefox with sessions verifications error, cant post or reply to posts, nor use the shoutbox.
(Have cleared the loggs, cach, temp internet files, but still the same with errors.

In IE it work fine though.

Skal Tura

Ahaa! If it works in IE it then cannot be a definate server problem, as it seems to be in your end. You should've mentioned that in the PM.

Try clearing FFOX caches, cookies etc. again, without having open.

I'm using ffox @ Windows XP SP2 and no problems.

Skal Tura

I have now tried both FFOX & IE, checked error_logs etc. and nothing on this yet. Looking deeper and deeper.

I was sure problems were fixed already.

Also tried from my laptop: no problems. no trying from different network alltogether.


Had problems until now, both in IE and FF after clearing out everything in the browsers.

But you seem to have found something taht caused it i think ?
This post made in FF



Seem to be working in both IE and FF right now, even the shoutbox

Skal Tura

I have not done anything since my initial post except updated system software (the very basic parts of the system, libraries etc.)

So i HIGHLY doubt they affect in ANY way.

I'm thinking that why people has been having problems is due to ISP caches/proxies etc. things like that, but i'm still looking for the possibility of this being a server problem. I also contacted 2 outside consults about these problems, might there be something i've missed and/or don't know?