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Need your opinions [request]

Started by akulion, May 02, 2006, 02:16:22 PM

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currently my site is hosted on dreamhost on a shared hosting package

However I am going to upgrade to a VPS soon and liked this sites deals:

Can some of the experts on hosting give me a small evaluation of their package and if its good or not? >> click here to see their Linux VPS Hosting Package

Also if someone could recommend a truly good VPS host I would really appretiate it. Thanks :)

PS: My price range is $80/month for a VPs so when recommending please keep that in mind :D


I currently use dreamhost as well. For almost 4 years now. Haven't used dedicated server yet though. My sites haven't quite got that busy. I have several sites and I'm styill under 1GB bandwidth, and I get 2048G a month.

Are you happy with Dreamhost?


oh yes im very happy with dreamhost
the only down side is that they dont have VPs and their dedicated servers are way beyond what i can afford

So today I got their monthly newsletter and actually they have partnered up with so thats why im even considering transferring there as a first option - cos if they are even slightly as good as dreamhost, ill have it made :D

Plus dreamhost newsletter had a promotion code which means I can get 1 month free VPS :D if i sign up lol

So im searching faster


Talk to Christian at Montecarlohosting -

Last I heard he was offering a promo of a month's free VPS too. He knows a fair bit about SMF too and is always willing to help.

Other than that I have used PowerVPS before and they are very good and have good prices.



Thanks for the links :D  powervps looks good

45 bucks a month is not bad at all :D



im still searching and boy o boy i must have visited easily 200+ webhost sites lol

I found a really cheap yet 'good sounding' VPS server and if anyone can tell me if this is a good deal or not i would really appretiate it...

IPower Deal Click To View

I think for just 27 bucks that much stuff sure sounds good - but then i wonder if its not one of those "dodgy" am gona check up some reviews


ok after reading these i think i better stay away from them


The "Free" content and promotion tools are farmed out to 3rd parties and iPowerWeb offers NO support for them. Not even in their knowledgebase. In addition the promotion pack is a limited two-week trial. These issues are not mentioned on their site. Tech support appears to use auto-responders with form letters. Often the response is out of context to the original question. They will not answer my request for a username and password for domain administration, even though I own the domain (registrant). I requested additional services 3 days ago and have not received a reply (additional domain).

further on : here


Quote from: akulion on May 05, 2006, 08:06:49 PM
Thanks for the links :D  powervps looks good

45 bucks a month is not bad at all :D

Agreed. I posted another thread along similar lines. Looks like PowerVPS may be the way I'll go. What would be the better of the 2 cPanel or Plesk?


i was put off by power VPS when I sent a "pre sales" question to them and recieved an answer after 3 days :p


I switched to Blue Host from Total Choice Hosting and have not regretted it a bit. lets me run several websites under the same account. They just ugraded the storage and bandwidth a few weeks and sent me an email letting me know it was free to me since I already had an account there. The control panel has TONS of options.

Best of all, they have real live people available for tech support !!