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July 21, 2024, 08:56:27 AM

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It appears that your database may require an upgrade

Started by Lesmond, February 20, 2023, 10:52:57 AM

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Link to my forum: will supply if needed
SMF version: SMF 2.0.19
TP version: TP ver. 2.3.0
Default Forum Language: English
Theme name and version: Default
Browser Name and Version: Any
Mods installed: will supply if needed
Related Error messages: See below
MySQL Version:MySQL 8.0

Incorrect string value: '\xA0 Repo...' for column 'body' at row 1
File: /home/xxxxx/public_html/forums/TinyPortal/Base.php
Line: 285

Note: It appears that your database may require an upgrade. Your forum's files are currently at version SMF 2.0.19, while your database is at version 2.0.17. The above error might possibly go away if you execute the latest version of upgrade.php.

(This is for a friends site)

This happens when editing an article, the article has strange letters like this  when I try to remove them the above error shows

So I ran upgrade.php the forum refused to come out of maintenance mode. and completely locked me out, even restoring the db didnt help!

Which meant I had to restore the whole site from a backup.

TP was on 2.2.2 and I hoped by upgrading to 2.3.0 would help?



I managed to run upgrade.php

So now when I edit an article I get this error..
Incorrect string value: '\xA0File: /home/xxxx/public_html/forums/TinyPortal/Base.php
Line: 285



Quote from: lurkalot on February 20, 2023, 05:44:50 PMLes, Is the database converted to UTF-8 ?
I tried, but got this error...

Data too long for column 'word' at row 144469
File: /home/xxxx/public_html/forums/Sources/ManageMaintenance.php
Line: 664


The database upgrade thing I believe is a red herring and can be ignored, or that has always been the case.

Regarding the collation, did you look at the database first and see what collation the various tables are set to?


Quote from: lurkalot on February 21, 2023, 08:37:14 AMRegarding the collation, did you look at the database first and see what collation the various tables are set to?

Ok found it and changed them to utf8, there was a mixture of all different collations!

But this error is still there if edit  an article

Incorrect string value: '\xA0File: /home/xxxx/public_html/forums/TinyPortal/Base.php
Line: 285


Is the a way you can post the full article text here for us to test?
Running Latest TP on SMF2.1 at:


Quote from: @rjen on February 21, 2023, 09:49:35 AMIs the a way you can post the full article text here for us to test?

I dont post these articles its a friends site, but here it is in html, I believe he is copy/pasting from a forum post on some of them, although I have changed a few, the error will sometimes appear if I try to add a line break with the font size at 7, without a line break the text looks like this...

<strong><span style="color: rgb(46, 204, 64);"><span style="font-size: 48px;">Cookies upper red lake report </span></span></strong>
<strong><span style="color: rgb(46, 204, 64);"><span style="font-size: 48px;">from the shores of upper red lake</span></span></strong><br />
<br />
Well here goes another short novel. Novel &quot;typically representing character and action of realism&quot;<br />trying to give a fishing report from 9 days ago tell today is a huge challenge. Again, will start by saying thanks to all our customers, friends, potential customers. The fishing in our area was all over the place to say the least, If you got lucky a small school of crappies may have ventured under your house for some crazy action. I would say 95 out of a hundred fish caught have been low lite condition or well after dark.<br /><br /> I would guess about 40 wheelhouses came down towards our rental fleet this past weekend. There are other roads going to the north but most want to come to the end of the road. I did plow some off shoot driveways that never got used.<br /> Buddy Hillman also plowed out some areas for other options. I got no clue how any of them houses did. Someone which I assume was buddy hillman plowed a area in shallow that had 4 or 5 wheelhouses, I'm sure curious how they did. If there back this weekend that should answer that question.<br /> Moving our fleet to the west is out of the question as two other outfitters have been working the area pretty hard.<br /> I have seen some flooding out there. The last ice I measured was just over 2 feet.<br /> Talking about the chevy truck fleet, if the past 10 weeks had been typical, I'm not sure we would even have a fleet. I'm getting old as well as the trucks. It may be time to trade it all for one decent truck. The problem with that is then you need two. Two turns to three etc. Blue thunder 3 may be in the works.<br /> We have had quite a few quests the past 9 days. We have also had some break downs. Blue thunders plow would not go right. After a lot of frustrations jonny boy again found the problem. A broken wire. Rusty trusty has had on and off fuel delivery problems. Knock on wood. Working on the equipment in the elements has always been a struggle. We have set in motions plans to have a heated garage by next fall. Our good friend dan the carpet man installed the new starter in black beauty yesterday so I can now haul equipment much easier.<br /> This year has been the year of the generators. Were thinking of also changing things up for that next year. Being bring your own or you can rent one from us. Monday night at 10 30 I got the call the starter rope broke when they went to restart after fueling.<br /> All the houses have been moved 2 to 3 times since my last fishing report, Tanner and his gal crushed the fish out of utah . Tanner is the guy that helped us get white lightning from colorado. Then we had Dan and his family for the weekend they did not crush the fish but they did get a few and had a grand time on a grand lake, dan said he had not ice fished in 15 years. We then moved utah again for bob and his two buddy's thewy only caught a few fish but did get 2 elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappies.<br /> North dakota had rick and his 2 buddy's from Illinoi. For the weekend they got robbed but rick said that's fishing and I'll be back. We then moved north dakota again for Ron and his 2 buddy's they did decent sunday night but was defiantly slower Monday night. They did go home with more than a few.<br /> California had Norm and his 2 brothers. They took home 15 fish I think with norm not having any luck on his end of the house. We then had Dustin a friend of Big Tonys they caught a few fish. We then moved california again for Robert from cromwell .They did really well and had a blast.<br /> I fished old minnesota last thursday and had a gas, catching 5 elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappies a huge perch all on a chubby darter within 2 hours of fishing. Friday night everything was just lookers.<br /> We then had shell chick and andrew. They caught a few walleyes and a couple crappie's plus we also moved them after the second night. <br /> Florida had Nic and his son dillion. They were by rick and also only got a couple fish.<br />Then we had Tracy eric and Jeromy they caught some fish with eric releasing a 22 inch walleye sunday night. we then moved them for their last night where they caught a few more fish.<br /> Alaska had joe and his crew for 3 night they caught fish when they jigged landing roughly 25 fish. with a mixture of walleyes and elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappies.<br /> Thats about the best I can do for my fishing report.<br />We did plow quite a few spots for wheel houses the past 9 days with mix results. Some did great others not so great. Then you get a couple that just will not tell ya the truth?<br /> Jonny boy got the day off with the road conditions so he is going to come help move houses and do a little fish scouting before we get everything on new spots. I also plan on wetting a line for a few hours tonight. Darrin will be coming up also to help and we have Ashly poo here helping also. So, it should be a grand day on a grand lake.<br /> I'll be heading out on the lake in a bit to see what mother nature has dealt us. The winds have been howling all night. With some snow there will be some plowing for sure.<br /> We have had some spectacular sunsets and sunrises the past week plus friday night I got treated to some dancing northern lights.<br />


I just pasted yor text into a HTML article on my 2.0.19 tyest forum, and it saves without issue.

Tbh I have no clue how to help you with it. My gust feeling says it is a collation issue somewhere.

What I also suspect is that your friend is copying full formatted texts from other sources (pages, word?) and that is a sure procedure for some of these issues...
Running Latest TP on SMF2.1 at:


Try making the text size 7, then make a line break half way.

Does it look like the image above after its posted?

Quote from: @rjen on February 21, 2023, 12:29:09 PMMy gust feeling says it is a collation issue somewhere.

I have managed to change all tables to UTF-8


What version of UTF-8?

That looks like an error from a 3bit version of UTF-8. Ideally the tables should be utf8mb4.

What version of PHP, MySQL and what language is the default system set to? I assume English.


Collation utf8mb3_general_ci just changed it too utf8mb4_general_ci, before the errors started, all the tables were all different

PHP 7.4

MySQL 8.0

Language system is English


Is the error still there with utf8mb4?

Do you get the error when creating a new article, or just the old ones you try to edit?

Is SMF set to utf8 in its settings

Do you have multibyte enable in PHP?


SMF is showing 'Database character set:utf8mb3'

If I click proceed I get this error, all tables are showing utf8mb4 in PHPMyadmin
Data too long for column 'name' at row 42
File: /home/xxxx/public_html/forums/Sources/ManageMaintenance.php
Line: 664

Quote from: tino on February 21, 2023, 07:27:14 PMDo you have multibyte enable in PHP?
I don't see that in PHP Extensions on EasyApache

This was pasted as plain text, into a new article. (its a HTML article)
If I leave this line like so, no error is shown.

But if I have a line break like so, the error appears again after save." border="0

Just tried with a bbc article no errors :-\


Then it's how that character is getting encoded. It sounds like SMF thinks the database is in a different format and is adding characters in which causes the problem.

I'll try and cause the same error here later, however I don't have a MySQL 8.0 setup so that might cause some issues.


I can't recreate this. So not sure where we go from here, is there a reason it's not on SMF 2.1 as that handles unicode alot better than 2.0


Quote from: tino on February 23, 2023, 03:41:53 PMI can't recreate this. So not sure where we go from here, is there a reason it's not on SMF 2.1 as that handles unicode alot better than 2.0
Its a friends site I have hosted on my server, its been around for a few years, and has been on lots of other server over the years, I think it started out on SMF 1 and been updated many times.

So this has only shown up on the last server move.

So basically I think the database needs fixing, which I am not clever enough to do :-[



I managed to fix the site, I installed a new forum and copied the database over table by table, checking each time, the errors have now gone!

Maybe not the right way, but it worked  O0