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Error with tp-visual_verification_description

Started by Nolt, December 28, 2012, 09:49:24 PM

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Link to my site:
SMF version: SMF 2.0.3
TP version: TP 1.0 stable
Default Forum Language: polish
Theme name and version: Softer
Browser Name and Version: Firefox 17

This error is related to the visual verification.
When we have visual verification enabled at registration page, TP loads own text from TPortal.lang.php $txt['tp-visual_verification_description'] = 'Not Defined Yet';
This should not happen while at registration page, SMF should load text from index.lang.php which is $txt['visual_verification_description'] = 'Type the letters shown in the picture'; instead $txt['tp-visual_verification_description'] = 'Not Defined Yet';

We found a similar bug reported here:


This should have been fixed quite some time ago IIRC. Check your language files against the TP1.0 download and see if they match up. I added the tp-visual_verification_description to make sure this wouldn't happen.

Make sure that $txt['visual_verification_description'] is no longer defined in the TP language files.


Thanks, I think my merge app missed this line somehow  >:(