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Rating of articles error ?

Started by saks, September 16, 2011, 02:24:18 AM

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Link to my site:
SMF version: SMF 2.0
TP version: TP 1.0 RC2
Default Forum Language: Russian UTF-8
Theme name and version: Impulse for SMF 2.0
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Mods installed: Mods listed here
Related Error messages: System of articles rating if one user send 10 points and next user send 10 points in summary we have 5 points. Is it correct ?



This bug i look inly on main page. (look the "ЧÑ,о нас ждеÑ, после Red Bull X-Alps?" third article on main page now )
When i am go to the fool article, in it rating looking is good! (two votes on 10 points)
Bug only on the  main page!


Rating error in articles looking is good, but on main page it show now right!
in examples on the pictures 2 rate on 5 point, in result = 5! but on main page it show 3


Thanks for the report, I'll post it in the bug tracker, or reopen the existing bug.



I've added a fix in the bug tracker for this if you want to take a look.


Thank you for support! I test it and now it work good!