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Moved site from dedicated DirectAdmin to go-daddy hosting, can't figure out...

Started by hygron, April 23, 2009, 02:58:30 AM

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cannot figure out how to upload database at go-daddy.  I created a database by same name, assuming I could simply upload copy of database.

I am running smf1.1.8/TPv1.05beta1

I have always been on a dedicated server, and used DirectAdmin.  I now have a go-daay hosting account w/ cpanel, and I am lost.

please help.   I would like to get things figured out.

Another question.  Is there a way to do a fresh install, and retain the posts, members, etc, from backed up files;  Adding them to fresh install?

Which files?  I know attachments file is necessary
Attachments, and what else?

thanks for the help ahead of time.  I usually can handle the situation after getting solid info from support team.

thanks H

what else?

p.s. I did post this at SMF, but have team member friends here, and just want an opinion or 2.  thanks


If you have a cpanel you should be able to use phpmyadmin and perform an import into your sql file.


OK.  so instead of "upload backup database...

I import.  I see that, but have no experience doing that.  I will see if I can proceed.  Thanks for the reply, and please watch for follow-ups.  thanks H

p.s. If you have more info on importing.  Feel free to explain.


OK.  Imported the backup files.  I see them. 

Site is still down.

Ran repair_settings.php and got this message

QuoteSome settings are not being shown because the MySQL connection information is incorrect.


Then your settings are not correct. Either the username, password, etc. is not right. Make use you use this format:

accountname_database, etc...


hey, skhilled.  I agree, but I keep looking at it, and it appears right, +  I took the advice to change values to preferred option, and that was the last message.

I am going to look at it again until I see the problem.  later

Looking forward to installing a new arcade at myvirtualworld, when I resolve all these transfer issues.

Do you think If I did a fresh install I would be better off.  I actually downloaded all forum files to desktop, and then back to new server.  was that a mistake?  eager to hear what you all think


New files won't matter for this situation. It is a database issue. The error you are getting is because one or more of the settings are not correct. You'll also want to check to make sure the url's are correct and nothing is pointing to the old server.

EDIT: Go into cPanel and make sure that there is a mysql user the same as in Settings.php with the same username. If not, create one then attach it to your database.

btw, good to see you again. ;)


OK.  I looked in settings.php, and all the names were the same, but I noticed above info, It said forum in maintenance mode '2' & must be manually restored to '0'. 

How do you do that?


This part, on line 2, change it as shown: ########## Maintenance ##########
# Note: If $maintenance is set to 2, the forum will be unusable!  Change it to 0 to fix it.
$maintenance = 0; # Set to 1 to enable Maintenance Mode, 2 to make the forum untouchable. (you'll have to make it 0 again manually!)
$mtitle = 'Maintenance Mode'; # Title for the Maintenance Mode message.
$mmessage = 'Okay faithful users...we\'re attempting to restore an older backup of the will be posted once we\'re back!'; # Description of why the forum is in maintenance mode.

Then resave it and upload it again.