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Started by JPDeni, February 10, 2009, 04:02:09 PM

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I've been with since August and I thought I'd sing their praises. Over the years I've been with a lot of web hosts, some a lot better than others. But this is the best host I've come across.

It's not the cheapest, but I have come to realize that you really do get what you pay for. I have a site that is moderately busy. Not as busy as, of course, but we have 40 or 50 unique visitors every day and most of them come several times a day. Previous inexpensive hosts where I had accounts (Dreamhost, HostMonster) were not able to handle the load and I would have problems with slowness every day. Probably someone who has less traffic on their site than I do would be fine with the oversellers, but they didn't work for me.

One of the most impressive things that Jason has is real-time server status, complete with the server load. Except for the servers that are being used by just one client, the server loads are always under 1. Also, he publishes the uptime for each server every week. Other hosts of whom I have been a client would find ways to claim that down time wasn't really down time. Jason accounts for every minute when the server is unavailable.

Jason is responsive to the client's needs. I have asked for a couple of things -- although I didn't need to ask for much because it's already available -- and he responded very quickly. There are no automated responses, but rather one-on-one communication all along the way.

I sure wish I'd found Jason sooner.


I've looked at the Host many times , even long-ago 3-4 years ago -- but Really all I need is space & plenty of DB's which I'm sure they have -------

------- Glad your happy with CW my friend. :)
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No need to pay for more than you need, that's for sure. But for folks who find that HostMonster or Dreamhost isn't working for them, Charlottezweb is the place to go!


Nice review.. Maybe a few testimonials about some good hosts is a nice idea. I might write one later.
I posted a link to this one in the Siteground topic.. It's nice to have a few options.


I think it's a good idea to have these, rather than to wait for someone to come along and ask for references and have everyone repost.


Yeah it is an idea => <=

But no flaming another host for ANY reason , members can add there likes / dislikes
About their host for others to review as well as a link to there hosting site ..

   I believe it would be handy to have such a Thread Specific to Hosting ... or is there one already here?
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ill refrain from my review of shiteground srry siteground for now. imo a host review section would be an excellent idea :D


QuoteBut no flaming another host for ANY reason

Yep. I think it's perfectly reasonable for something like, as I said, was slow every day with the load from my site. Just factual stuff that can help people make up their minds, based on their own needs.


I have become comfortably numb!

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im checking this place out now. i was looking at their prices and they seem cheap for the packages, atm im paying $100pm, but they want me to go to a DS where the cheapest is $179pm.
problem was, b4 i didnt even realise the different prices and had no idea if i was paying was alot or not, but looking at these, and assuming that i dont need a VPS or DS then i must be getting a serious raw deal!
Ive emailed Charlottez and given as much info as i can to see what they say..