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Siteground and other hosting issues

Started by cepsi, February 10, 2009, 01:09:22 PM

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How busy is your site? How many users do you have on and stuff? Judging from the link in your profile here on your poker site, there is NO WAY you should need a dedicated server for that site. If it is indeed, the site you're referring to. :)


Not that I want to push Evo.. their site can speak for itself, and I'm not bothered about referral fees... but if you are really unhappy with your current host, Evo does offer:

Quote from: EvohostingAre you interested but are currently locked into a contract with another hosting provider? Check out our "Let Us Pay" scheme where we can arrange for upto 6 months FREE hosting!

If you can "get out" with another host.. thats cool. I read many nightmare stories about hosts.. It's nice to see that some people are happy with theirs.. JPDenni has posted a review of her host:,28261  :up:

So, at least you have some good options.


Thanks for the reference, Zetan. :D I would likely go with a company that was in my own country. I'm not sure it makes that much of a difference, but it would make me feel better. Also you don't have to deal with different currency.


thx for the info again.
Probably is the site Ich, thepokerpod we get between 20-60 people at any one time, friday and the weekend this goes up a fair bit, but nothing huge. They moved me to a VPS after 3 weeks and we were only getting 15-20 at most. Its only been up just over 4 month s or so, im almosty dreading getting more traffic lol.
Gonna do alot of reading up on hosts this week.
Ideally i want a dedicated server so i dont have to worry about anything for a good while. want it to be as fast and efficient as possible cos some people spend alot of time on there.


Ich is right. There is NO WAY you should need a VPS or DS with that many people.