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Server will be moved to new datacenter & upgrade php4 -> php5

Started by Murgen, August 15, 2008, 10:55:33 AM

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Tonight the webserver from my host will be moved to a new datacenter and php will be upgraded to php5.

Is there anything I should prepare besides a proper backup today?


Should not be a problem, but in case, download the repair_settings.php from as that file will set your settings.php file to fetch the correct paths and also DB routs.

If you should encounter problems, a simple db upgrade of both the SMF tables and TP tables will solve the issues if any.

For SMF db upgrade, download the big upgrade package, extract the files and take out the 2SQL files and the upgrade.php file as they are the only files you need.

For TP, download the same package you have installed and take out the manual_tp_install.php file.

When you have all of them, you simply upload the files to where you have your forum installd, and first point the browser to the upgrade.php and let it do it's work, and then point your browser to the manual_tp_install.php and let that file do it's work.

These steps are about all you need to do if something is not working.

First of, you MUST have and use the repair_settings.php and set the correct parameters for your forum.


`Thank you so much for your answer! Now I can prepare myself :)


I have become comfortably numb!

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Spotless operation. Checked this morning and everything was running smoothly. I love my hoster  :laugh:

Thank you for helping me being prepared for the worst.  O0


Your most welcome, glad you got it moved with out any issues, if you do it correctly from the start, it really is simple, it's when something doesent add up it can be troubblesome  :D

I mark this to solved