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Any Free host that works fine with SMF and TP?

Started by oregon67, March 09, 2008, 04:36:46 PM

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tallfreek <<-- good free host. some features are paid now, used to be all free. but if you invest $20 into it you also get unlimited file types.

its all a onetime fee, good servers, great customer service (via forums), and its just a great place to be.

check them out. supposedly if you get 350 quality posts (not spam or repeating answers) you can get mysql for free, or just get a free mysql host (


When I tried them I remember this was not available or they wanted money for it  :knuppel2:

fopen() and PHP sockets

screws up rss feeds for 1 as i recall

I don't think that host works with smf/tp for free--especially since you have to buy a database  :o...My paid host only charges $25 a year so investing $20 is pretty much out of the question---for Q anyway :coolsmiley:


25/year or 20 one time? i'd take the one time lol. i've got all the stuff enabled on my account, and it works great. had more downtime at other free hosts than i did at 110mb


I have become comfortably numb!

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I'll take $25 a year if for no other reason than the whois--people see a free host and that is all they know.I guess it is ok if you are just fooling around.

Doesn't 110 have safe mode on???What if you want to run something unrelated to TP that requires it to be off --If it is on I mean

for $25 a year you get great support +host unlimited domains +unlimited databases + for $5 a month more [about $7.00 a month] you get reseller accounts to make money with---which is better than free imho... :laugh:

"Our reseller access allows you to become your own web host without the hassles of server management or the large costs involved with obtaining servers. For only $5 per month you can add reselling abilities to ANY account with this host. Reselling enables you to take your account, split it into smaller accounts to sell, and earn money for yourself ".

the list goes on

cPanel Domain Owner Control Panel
100mbps Servers
Free Customer Support
Ruby on Rails Support
High Speed Global Network
Flexible Billing Options
Frontpage Extensions
Free Daily Updates and Backups
Featuring PHP4 & 5/MySQL/Perl 5/Python
Always Fast & Reliable Servers
Unlimited Add-on Domains
Unlimited Sub-Domains
Free Account Setup

Email Features

Unlimited Email Accounts
Unlimited Autoresponders
Unlimited Forwarders/Aliases
Featuring POP3 Access
Featuring IMAP Access
Updated Spam Assasin
Full Virus Protection
Free Server Level SPAM Features

Advanced Features

Unlimited MySQL Databases
PHP MyAdmin
Fantastico Script Installer
Dreamweaver Support
Shell Access
24/7 FTP Access
Cron Jobs
Custom Error Pages
Directory Protections (.htaccess)
Audio/Video Support
Flash/Shockwave Support
Graphical Stats


I have become comfortably numb!

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XEON1             PHP Info    4.17   been up for ------   94 Days 21:14:08   and counting :idiot2:

That is the only thing I don't like---1 server [there is no XEON 2] and is on XEON 1.  It is a new server though....and there has been very little downtime,  minutes really,and all planned maintenance afaik.

Anyone interested in there hosting should ask about it--There have been no problems for me and I don't put up with too much ----t :-X

I am getting ready to reup with them next month.

Sometimes they have specials--Mine really cost $12.50 yr, but that is not too likely to happen again---well maybe not