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[Review] of Tiny portal Hosting by a customer

Started by eaglesoars, January 16, 2008, 11:08:54 PM

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An additional note to anyone looking into starting their own Forum and are considering a hosting company to do business with, seriously consider Tiny Portal Hosting.

My experiences getting started have been wild, from being ripped off of $75.00 from one hosting company, to getting service for $95.00 but absolutely no support even when the problems were on their side of the server, then there was the lessor of evils of $115.00 with 24 hour phone support. which you could always get someone on the line, but the standard answer was, " Sorry that's beyond my level of expertise." but for a small fee they could get you someone that could help.

Soooo..........after just a little more than $800.00 throughout the year I've now found TPH and I can attest they are fantastically knowledgeable and very helpful. Initial set up may appear more costly, but trust me, it works out to be a great deal, one you can't afford to pass up.

JMHO  Eaglesoars, Web Master @

The team has been very helpful and I have gotten exactly what I had hoped for. My Forums are smf forums with TP & custom themes installed and many mods including Shared Forum Mod 0.2. I have FelBlog & CPG  bridged with Arcade and 4 forums all running very smoothly.

I am one that is learning about doing mods, but feels very uneasy at this time making changes in the coding afraid I'll screw something important up and cause havick so I'm willing to pay to have professionals do it properly. On the other hand the TPH team has worked with me tirelessly teaching me how to do many things on my own also.

You are welcome to visit my site and look around, it is a working site, not a test site so please be respectful of my members.


This is Great to hear and I am sure team appreciates your kind words!
Most of us post when the water is neck-high so it is nice to read some positive experiences!


Cant add anything else to this, they are greate people and the care for people is their prime before anything else. Greate work TPH, we are proud to be your friends  :-*




Thanks for this review, I didn't even realise TP did hosting. I must be banner-blind ???. I'm going to look into this! :)


TP does not do hosting, so you havent missed anything.

TPH is it's own name and team, the only thing we have to gether with them is the team behind it, they are team members of this site  :)  But the hosting is their own and have nothing to do with this site.


I just thought I'd mention that TinyPortalHosting is now closed. All of the clients are in the midst of looking for new web hosts now.


I have become comfortably numb!

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This topic is now closed.
As the TPH has closed, there is no reason to keep this topic open for discussions on why, where or what happend to it.
Lets move on and focus on what this site is all about  ;)