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Download Manager Help...

Started by Smythe, January 11, 2008, 05:18:19 AM

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i was running a site on phpbb and it was not to secure .... or i didn't have the knowledge on how to do it.

I however am familiar with SMF/TP setup, here's the there a way for me to move the files i already uploaded to my server into the TP download manager .... (hope i said that right)  or should i just start uploading all 200gb worth of files now .... :uglystupid2:

If i can however just move the files on the server into one of the TP directories that would be awesome..... just need to know where to put them and how to go about adding the files.

Thanks in advance ..........Smythe


You need to move the files in to the TP-download folder, (if they are there allready, you can use the FTP function in the downloadmanager to assign the file to the categories you have made for your content.)

If the files are outside the downloads folder of tp you need to eather move them in there, or as you said, download and upload all of them again.
You cant assign files to the download manager if they are placed outside that folder.


GRR.. Ok I've tried this but I cannot upload to the tp-downloads folder via FTP without critical errors.
I can't change folder permissions, and the files are over 5MB (too big to use upload in download manager).
I can upload via FTP to other folders, just NOT this one.
Because of this download manager is strangled by PHP file size!
Any fix for this??


Prophecyrising, are you with Smythe??  :o

then tell Smythe to use the chmod function on his ftp.. that means right click on the folder and go down to properties, (depending on what program he has) and make sure it is set to 777. then the files can be moved.  ;)


no I'm not, and permission denied to chmod to 777. Yet this is a PAID dedicated server. Filing huge complaint now. I think I should have access to my own files! ha ha

Cirtex hosting is terrible.....


My wonderful *ahem* hosting service has fixed the problem. Apparently when setting up my server, they neglected to set ownership. Thus php scripts creating file/folders under another "user".
I've set the chmod, and FTP download manager works fine now.

I did however find one small issue. Download Manager does not allow changing the "file size".
FTP upload show as 0kb. I did change this manually in the MySQL DB.
If anyone else has this problem you can edit the smf_tp_dlmanager - filesize field to reflect the correct size in btyes.

I don't know if this was meant to be this way for security purposes, or it's just a glitch in the download editing form.
Thanks for the help!


I may be wrong about this but it's pretty much standard procedure for php scripts to set ownership and permissions of the files and folders that they create.  On occasion, I have had to have my host do a chown on a folder and everything below it to me when I had a problem (not with SMF but with another script).

SMF has a feature that allows you to set permissions to make all files and folders writable long enough to upload files if you have trouble.  Then you can go back and switch it back to "Only the standard files are writable".  Make sure you set it back to standard after you upload your files or your forum might be more vulnerable.

You can find this feature by going to options in the package manager.



Great info Zar :)  The only problem is that SMF chmod tool does not work if apache ownes the files  :P


Ah, yes, this is true.  I think this is the problem with a FAQ script I recently installed.  I actually had to have my host chown the folder to me and everything below it in order for me to make changes to it and get it installed properly.  The writer of the script hasn't added in the capability for the script to be able to change permissions on the fly from within the script.  A little bit of a pain sometimes I guess.  Again though, this was with another script, not with SMF.  As G6 says, you shouldn't ask the host to chown the files in your SMF root to you or the SMF package manager won't be able to be used for that purpose.



I had a server that locked every file all the time, it was horrid cause i couldent even make edits, install anything new or change anything.
Back then i learned that servers running on CGI with the proper settings for php would work the best, and now when i have that, it's awsome  :D