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TinyPortal 1.1
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The TinyPortal Team is pleased to announce the released of TinyPortal 1.1

What's new in TP 1.1

General Updates:

 General code clean-up.
 Removed SMF1.x support.
 Removed Tagging system, as it never really worked out.
 Added read more link for forum posts as articles on front page.
 Changed error logging when guests try to hit non-existing articles.
 Added guest permission for comments
 Updated social icons for sharing article.
 A little bit of caching added. Should reduce some queries.
 Using more hooks for less file edits to install.
 Moved the promote button to integrate_display_buttons hook, instead of being in its own space/layer.
 Fixed errors with "forum_name" and "subtabs".
 Several cosmetic changes overall, less use of TP styles and more of common SMF styles.

Shoutbox updates:

Added ajax to shout/delete without page refresh.
 Added timer to ajax update shouts for time specified.
 The option to submit the shout by pressing enter.
 Option to choose between 2 layouts.
 Added option to allow/disallow links in shoutbox.
 Shout smiley's should now pull from SMF smiley's.
 Added "bubble" style to shouts, pure CSS-based.
 Fixed long-time error with guest shouts.
 Added option to set a shout-header, using HTML/BBC tags.
 Single-shout block-code upgraded with newer code.
 Add browser specific CSS to handle word-wrapping in shouts.