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Teamspeak block!

Started by -Prismatic-, October 14, 2005, 11:20:45 PM

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Ive been using this for a long time on my website and figured a lot of others would benefit from it aswell :)

Download and unzip to a subfolder in the root of your forum called teamspeak (IE.
Open ts_viewer.php

$ts_viewer->set_Viewer("Prestigious Gaming", "");
   $ts_viewer->show_ts_viewer("", 8767, 51234, "");

See this line >> $ts_viewer->set_Viewer("Prestigious Gaming", "");
Replace Prestigious Gaming with the name of your Teamspeak server, and with the link to your site

See this line >> $ts_viewer->show_ts_viewer("", 8767, 51234, "");
Replace with the ip/web address to the teamspeak server. "8767, 51234" are ports I believe... (should be fine with defaults)

To Make it show up on your website
Create a new PHP block. Inside of it place this code >> include ("teamspeak/ts_viewer.php");

That should be it! If it doesn't work post here with the problem and I will try to help you fix it :)

Live Demo: - Lower right side.

Please use the attached file in this post for the teamspeak block. It should be error free.


I have been waiting for this! Bless you  :)


Np :) It wasn't made by me, but origonally it would cause hell for TP, and the config file was compressed to around 12-15 lines :| What I did was make it function in a TP block with no issues and clean up the config file :)


It worked, however the images do not show. Any idea why?


Ok, I see why the images are not showing. When i right click on where the images are supposed to be, i see the path to the images is wrong. The path it calls for is The images are actually at What is the best way to correct this? Should i just dump the images out in the forum directory or should the code be changed somewhere to make it point to where they are now?



Aside from editing the code in the config file that would probably be your best bet =X

Edit - let me modify the config file for you hang on..


ok thanks :) but why does it call for the images from the wrong place? Only reason I ask is Im wondering if its just me or if your instructions need to be changed a bit. I just always like to know why the problem occurs so I can learn from it. :)


Here try this config. It looks for the images in the /teamspeak/ folder :)



Cool :D

Edit - And if you are wondering why it was happening. The way the images were being called were the straight images, no directorys, because I assumed that since the ts_viewer and config files were in the folder with them, it would call them correctly, but it appears when you include the php file it acts as if it's right there in the root folder :) so I added "teamspeak/" to the begining of all the files so they get called from the right place.