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Started by kieranmartin6223, September 07, 2022, 03:03:27 AM

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Types of Garden Shovels: Which One Do You Need?

Besides being a typical job, gardening has gradually become a popular hobby. More and more people want to spend their free time in their gardens. But taking care of plants is not easy at all - you would need many tools for this, such as shovels. And they do not come in one type and shape. To learn more about them before checking out top reviewed products, have a read about types of garden shovels and their purposes.

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Types of Garden Shovels

  • Trowels
It is normal if this name sounds familiar to you as trowels are both a common tool in many backyards and a popular Amazon product. Their sizes are usually smaller than those of typical shovels. Trowels are a great tool when you want to uproot a vegetable plant or a flowering plant in the garden before transplanting it to another place.

You can hold a trowel comfortably to handle the dirt without getting your hands dirty. A traditional trowel has many pointed tips, which enables it to cut through hard soil. Many other models, however, feature rounded tips. This shape will help you while transplanting and planting, as we have mentioned earlier.

On the market, you can find many trowels made from both plastic and metal, but the metal ones are still the most common models.

  • Edgers
Edgers are made to make tidy, neat edges between your lawn and the street, patio, walkway, and the driveway or around the flowerbeds. Their blades can create a gap between the grass and the area you want to separate from the lawn neatly.

The blades often have a flat shape, enabling gardeners to cut through plants, offshoots, and roots in order to make space for newer plants.

Many customers get confused between trimmers and edgers due to their similar purposes. While they both can make your garden become tidier, gardeners usually use trimmers to cut and trim grass in places where a lawnmower can't easily reach.

  • Trenchers
As the name suggests, their job is to help you make trenches. This type of garden shovel often comes with a narrow, thin blade with a long handle, enabling you to create a trench for irrigation easily.

Trenchers typically have pointed tips, which could help you dig into the ground deeply with ease. On top of that, the blade's sides are flat, keeping the walls of the trench neat and nice.

  • Diggers
As you can see in various best product reviews at, garden diggers are probably the most common type.  That is why the picture of a typical digger will come to mind when we think of garden shovels.

Usually, they have sharper tips and a centered handle. This design provides great help in the digging process. In case you want to cut through compacted soil, consider diggers with blades that have serrated edges.

  • Scoopers

This is another common type of garden shovel. They can help you lift a lot of soil, compost, and mulch before moving it to another place.

They usually come with deep, large blades and rounded tips. These sturdy shovels are often made from steel. Many Amazon reviews have pointed out that this material makes a scooper heavier, but also more suitable for the heavy stuff. If you want to have a lighter one, consider scoopers made from other materials.

  • Drainers
Designed to clear the trenches, the blades of drainers often have curved edges. Thanks to this design, you won't disturb the trench's walls while being able to move whatever you want in it.

Besides this primary purpose, you can use it for other jobs as well, such as transplanting. With the long handle, you can dig deep to pick up plants with long roots.


With these tools, gardening tasks would become easier. In addition to Top product reviews Thekinglive, you just need to consider your needs before figuring out the type of garden shovel and the particular model you that will work best for your garden.


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