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Alternative to <IFRAME> article ?

Started by apochalypse, July 08, 2011, 01:41:04 PM

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First of, sorry if I'm in the wrong section. ;)

I currently have a SMF forum (www dot fenimo dot com) running with TP.
And to this I have another module, or site called PHPraider, that is in turn running it's own authentication against SMF for handling members. PHPraider is located at www dot fenimo dot com/raids.
And this is working ok without any problems, however for esthetically purposes I've created a HTML article for this module that is hosting a simple <IFRAME> window towards the PHPraider site.
This to create a more seamless appearance.

Now we have upgraded the forum and TP to the latest version and we have started to encounter a problem with the <IFRAME>, it cannot authenticate users that is running firefox, while IE works fine for the same user.
However when they go directly to phpraider without using the <IFRAME> article it works, so the problem lies in the <IFRAME> tag somehow blocking the authentication.

So I'm currently exploring other soloutions to handle this seamless integration.
And have come to a standstill with possible ideas.
Anyone have some ideas to help me find a good soloution here?

Or is there a good way for me to import all the SMF/TP headers, menus, etc to the PHPraider site, and thus only making it look like it's integrated, but instead is styled to imitate the main site. ?

I hope I made my setup clear to you, and that you understand what I'm after, if not ask and I shall answer. :)

Link to my site: www dot fenimo dot com (phpraider at www dot fenimo dot com/raids
SMF version: 2.0 gold
TP version: 1.0 RC2
Default Forum Language: Swedish
Theme name and version: Darkbreak
Browser Name and Version: Firefox 5.0 / IE9
Mods installed:
1.    Aeva ~ Auto-Embed Video & Audio    7.1
2.    nCode Image Resizer    1.3.1
3.    Global Headers Footers    2.0
4.    TinyPortal    1.104
5.    ENotify    2.0.1
6.    WoW - World of Warcraft Tooltips
7.    Highslide 4 SMF    0.7a
8.    Enhancements to purge inactive members
Related Error messages: No authentication through the <iframe>


Sorry apochalypse, I have no idea how auth could be affected via iframes.


I would think that an iframe would be transparent to the authentication but I've never run into anything like that.  How does your phpraid work with SMF as far as authentication?  Are you running some sort of a bridge or what?  If you are able to login to SMF and automatically be logged into the phpraid as well, the iframe should work fine.  If it isn't, maybe you should ask whomever supplied the bridge about the issue.  It could be that the bridge hasn't been updated to work with SMF 2.0 Gold.

I assume you have the raid page setup with a TP article.  Out of curiosity, what is your code in that article, using [code][/code] tags of course.



I agree, I also thought that iframes would be transparent in that sense aswell.
The TP article itself is rather simple and is only one tag.

<iframe src="" frameborder="0" height="2000" width="1100">
<p>Your browser does not support iframes.</p>

While the authentication is being made from the PHPraider itself.
That part is a bit longer but as I said, works fine when opening that link directly.
Of course, it is quite a bit old since the project is somewhat dead, and no new releases has been given out for quite some time, and could be because of that it's behaving as it is.
But I haven't found any replacement for it, so thats why we are still using it.
Guess I'll have to ask on their, more dead forum if anyone else is having that same issue.

If I want to include the header with the menus in the header, the footer and everything else from TP/SMF for the PHPraider site and link to that directly from the menu instead of to the article, how would I do that?
I could use the SSI function for the menu, but that wont do since it's not styled the same way when I test it.

I'm guessing it is rather much work behind getting it that much imbedded, as I cant find any easy way to do it. :(


You can mark this as solved or something, we switched to WoW Raid Manager instead, it worked flawlessly so was probably just that PHPraider was old and not updated from SMF2. :)

And I still use the same IFRAME tag. :D