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USER CP - An alternative to Profile Screen

Started by akulion, October 18, 2006, 07:57:31 PM

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The mod install fine on my test site but it didnt install fine on the main site.  Umm, One of the tes fail on the mod.  What can I do ???

   Execute Modification     ./Themes/default/index.template.php     Test failed


What mod? This isn't a mod thread Shadow. Its a custom code block code snippet.


This mod User CP mod

The mod maker upload the mod on here and I am asking....I cant get any help at the main site over at SMF....


Opps I didnt know.  Sorry about that.  I just look back on the first page of this topc Ich

alan s

V1.2 released.

Link To Mod

V1.1 - Initial Release

- Fixed installation errors on index.template
- Cleaned up instalation code
- Fixed bug on menu which ment the usercp tab was not highlighted when in usercp.

Note for V1.1 user's , Since no major changes in have been made in this release a upgrade is not required , If you do want to upgrade , Uninstall V1.1 , Upload V1.2 and apply it.

Note that since i have not included upgrade files in V1.2 any custom edits will be lost if you uninstall V1.1


Thanks for letting us plus old litte old me hehe lol :)


First and foremost I want to give my props to Aku and everybody else, how created, coded, updated or improved this user cp.
I'm currently running it with manual installation as described on the first page's posts because stuff with the user cp mod didn't work satisfactorily, I only had a blank page.
Anyway, what I now want to do is to modify the standard profile section as to fit with this user cp and with my theme-settings - I have activated the left block panel in the profile screen, and so stuff with "Profile Info", "Modify Profile" etc. they bother me.
Yet I am new to smf and tp I'm experiencing little problems with orientate myself through all these thousands of documents. Therefore it would be very need if any of you tell me where to find the .php files I should take a closer look at (even if this sounds kinda silly to me).
Sure some of you might think this is too big for someone new, but I wanna give it a try. And I will have a closer look at the smf manual and the tp manual and many of code-lines over the weekend


I think you're looking to modify the Profile.template.php file.

alan s

Dont mean to be a bumper but i just thought i'd give a update.

V2.0 of the mod has been released



- Added Admin Interface
- Added Ability to Enable/Disable User CP
- Added Ability to Disable Contacting Of Admin
- Added Ability to choose to use pm or email to contact admin
- Added Admin option to let users to switch to standard profile view
- Added 4 Customisable UserCP fields ( Use own icons/text/links )
- Added If UserCP is disabled , The Menu Button for the UserCp will automaticaly change back to profile.
- Edited Error Page For Guests
- Added User ID feature for admins ( Find out your UserID , Need for using admin pm contact option )
- Removed Unwanted Commenting Code + Added Code Explaination Comments
- Added Support For UTF8 ( English on Install )


Link To Mod


One question.

So far I am unable to limit which themes are shown as selectable within usercp. I have set the default theme in smf and disallowed user theme selection. Within TP I don't have any themes ticked given it only applies to the theme selector box anyway. Despite this usercp seems just to enumerate the themes installed in the themes folder. Is there a way (or plan for there to be a way) for only those themes I select to be visible?. Thanks

alan s

The UserCP piggybacks on the actual SMF Profile. When a user clicks on "My Theme" in usercp , They are taken to the profile theme selection menu ( /index.php?action=theme;sa=pick;u=xx;sesc=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)

The SMF profile selection menu shows all of the installed themes on a forum.

So i suppose to answer the question a lot quicker , No you cannot select themes to be selected by users , and i do not plan on including that anytime soon , if ever ( If it is included in would be in V3.0 , which is a good while away )