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SMF CTracker Xtra (v1.2) + SPAM-Filter

Started by Nordin, April 19, 2007, 01:29:20 AM

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Hallo ihr lieben ich hab Version v1.2 für euch jetzt online gestellt.

Die besten Funktionen auf einem Blick:
- SPAM-Schutzsystem gegen Gäste
- Installation über den Paket-Manager
- erweiterter Schutz gegen SQL-Injacts und Wurmattacken

[SMF CTracker Xtra v1.2]

Einstellung für TinyPortal:
öffne /Sources/TPortal.php und Suche nach:
if (in_array($context['TPortal']['action'], array('theme','tpadmin','admin', 'ban', 'boardrecount', 'cleanperms', 'detailedversion', 'dumpdb', 'featuresettings', 'featuresettings2', 'findmember', 'maintain', 'manageattachments', 'manageboards', 'managecalendar', 'managesearch', 'membergroups', 'modlog', 'news', 'optimizetables', 'packageget', 'packages', 'permissions', 'pgdownload', 'postsettings', 'regcenter', 'repairboards', 'reports', 'serversettings', 'serversettings2', 'smileys', 'viewErrorLog', 'viewmembers')))

Erstetzen mit:
if (in_array($context['TPortal']['action'], array('theme','tpadmin','admin', 'ban', 'boardrecount', 'cleanperms', 'detailedversion', 'dumpdb', 'featuresettings', 'featuresettings2', 'findmember', 'maintain', 'manageattachments', 'manageboards', 'managecalendar', 'managesearch', 'membergroups', 'modlog', 'news', 'optimizetables', 'packageget', 'packages', 'permissions', 'pgdownload', 'postsettings', 'regcenter', 'repairboards', 'reports', 'serversettings', 'serversettings2', 'smileys', 'viewErrorLog', 'viewmembers', 'smfctracker')))