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Some help with translation needed!

Started by Lesmond, April 25, 2006, 09:47:15 AM

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Quote from: Croco on February 19, 2007, 11:01:00 PM
Arabic :

1. مستخدم
2. آخر شيء رُفع
3. الأÙÆ'ثر تحميلا
4. محتوى
5. موقع TP هذا الشهر!
6. إحصائيات
7. دردشة
8. مواضيع حديثة
9. سمات (قوالب)
10. مولد-الأزرار
11. التبرعات

i remember it was right so why the characters are unreadable now, maybe it is due some movement of the database ?


Yes, the database has been moved twice in the last couple of months. Hence, the erroneous characters.


There was also a database conversion to UTF-8.

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Shouldn't there be language support for the admin side? I was just noticing that there is a Spanish utf8 file but no regular Spanish file. Others are the same in the downloads. If you switch to that language the admin links for tp will be blank...unless I'm missing something.

I've converted the utf8 files to regular Spanish. It was just a matter of changing the filenames. For instance, TPhelp.spanish-utf8.php to TPhelp.spanish.php then uploading it to the same folder.

If you want I can give you want I have. Spanish and Italian.

btw, the french language files are corrupt or something. Gives 0 bytes after downloading.


We have to make some serious cleaning in the labguage download section, it's really a mess there :s


Just got German from one of my members. These files have the regular and utf8 files in them.


Quote from: G6 on January 06, 2008, 10:59:02 AM
We have to make some serious cleaning in the labguage download section, it's really a mess there :s

The Turkish Language also should have 2 options ;

- Regular Turkish ( ISO-8859-9 )
- UTF8 Turkish.

We have both of the packs in Turkish Board but not in download section.. ( UTF8 file in download section is not really a UTF8 file)


I was thinking that putting the regular and utf8 in the same zip would save time and space. They are very small files and do not take up much space at all.

Then users can upload all or just what you need. If they upload all and decide to change to utf8 later they will not have to do anything for the language.


Yes that way it will be better cause some users dont know which file to use and putting both in languages directory will solve the problem :)


Will try to get some of the people who help at smfarcade with languages to help on this..if possible.

If I get the time I'll convert the ut8 files to regular...and vice versa. :)

EDIT: I've actually have been doing support in different languages and don't know the

Google Translate has been a good friend.|en

We've actually signed up clients to Tinyportalhosting using this.  :D