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[Block] Multi Tab Block! (new)

Started by dimdom, January 12, 2009, 07:13:23 PM

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Great minds think alike - I had already put the css in the new PHP file as it was so short.  The javascript I decided to link to a separate file because it just confuses things with it in the PHP script...

infopanel2.php like I said is actually going to be a new file, but with basically the same functions - so I will just strip out what we need from there.


Just an update.  I've started to strip out the functions from that original PHP file and am working through each one.  I hit a problem as this code was written for TP 0.9.8 so things like text strings are not appearing for me in the new beta.  It's going ok though but I will leave this for today.

Tomorrow I will set up a 0.9.8 test site and carry on with it from there.  Hopefully I can produce one version that will work with various versions of TP.



If you need help testing it, just let me know.


Yes please, but not just yet.  I'm having to rewrite/rearrange a lot of it, so I'm just going through your PHP file one stage at a time and pulling things I need out of it to make the new file.  I'll probably be able to get it running so you can see it later today.


Hmm, well I tried to set up a 0.9.8 version of TP to test this out and your original infopanel2 php code doesn't work at all LOL  Even though the exact same code works in TP 1.0...

So I don't know what to do for the best.  I could rewrite the whole thing is stages I guess.  Or just supply the skeleton of the system and let you work on the actual content yourself.

I'll mess around some more for now..

Edit it working in 0.9.8 now... for some reason it didn't get saved correctly.


QuoteHmm, well I tried to set up a 0.9.8 version of TP to test this out and your original infopanel2 php code doesn't work at all LOL

:o :o :o

QuoteEdit it working in 0.9.8 now... for some reason it didn't get saved correctly.

::) ::) ::)

OK, I know that my file is a php chaos, but somehow it is working perfect. Good to hear that you got it working.

I also know that the task you are up to is a difficult one.

So we will be patient.  :)


Thanks dimdom, I appreciate the patience :)

I was hoping to get this done yesterday, but as always Real Life got in the way.

It's basically working now, I just have to tidy up some things in the code and have a couple more functions to strip out.

But yes I found strange things were still happening with that original code - when I pasted it into a PHP article and saved it when I go back it seems to overflow the text area - see image.  And it doesn't work fully.

But with the new version we can avoid this problem.


Shoutbox code is really difficut to add.

And as you have already see in my previous posts you have to have shoutbox enabled somewhere in your site in order for it to work. Thats why I have removed it from the block that I use in my site...


OK finally I think I have something !

I've done a major code tidy up and decided it was worth making it work on 0.9.8 and TP 1.0 which is why it took me a while.

I'd like to get it XHTML compliant too at some point, there's only a little left to do on that.  But here's a demo of it on my forum, just to see if I am going in the right direction.

I think we could improve on some of the things like 'Latest Files', but this is expandable in an easier way now.  We can fine tune it later.

Have patience with my site, I noticed it was a little slow today...

I decided to package the whole thing into a mod as well, so it's simpler to install.  Details later.

Oh yes, we need to say thanks to IchBin for helping me grasp a few TP things too :)  Thanks !