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International support

Started by Lesmond, March 17, 2006, 09:40:10 AM

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In Downloads there are already a full Chinese Simplified and a not fully translated Chinese Traditional translation files.
  For Greek aeromodellers and our friends around the world  - Greek Button sets for SMF


Hee hee  :D Chinese Support Board or Chinese Language files?


As it is written one can guess both  ^-^
  For Greek aeromodellers and our friends around the world  - Greek Button sets for SMF


I can read and understand, English, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese,

I've been helping people making sites in internet since i was a community leader in GEOCITIES in 1997.
As a IT professional i can dedicate some time to help people out.

I feel confortable with HTML, PHP, and PHOTOSHOP, (animated gifs are a piece-of-cake :) )

Im ready to participate in a Portuguese section, just let me know


All support here are free for every one, if you want to provide help and support on the Portuguese feel free to give answers there for people that posts questions :) You dont have to get permissions to help out with support  :)


Can an arabic support board be added to the International support board?




Are there many arabic members asking for support..? I can add it, but its no point if it won't be used though.


i can  help  the  arabic members  by  email  ,  pm  ....  i can  speak  frensh  , arabic  , english  and  a  a  little  spanish   


tarik004 the Arabic SMF support board is not very active (810 messages so far).

Arabic as well as my language Greek don' t use latin characters. Thus with ISO-8859-1 codepage and latin-1 collation database characters will be stored as entities.

I am one of the moderators of the Greek SMF support board. It' s a bit more active (1547 messages) still I don' t ask Bloc for a Greek TP support board. I believe the members interested that can' t use english are not so many, so we have support for TP in the Greek SMF support board. There is an increasing interest but not so much for asking yet Bloc such a board.

Of course it' s up to Bloc to decide but, being in a similar situation, I believe it will be more useful at this moment to strengthen the Arabic SMF support board.

TP has increasing popularity that will be launched up after the release of the new version. There will be some surprises, I believe  :laugh: and  I am sure Bloc will do the necessary board additions when the right time comes  ;)
  For Greek aeromodellers and our friends around the world  - Greek Button sets for SMF


Dear agridoc, I think I can make the step to ask for a board in greek.

My point is, that many of us have SMF + TP and we could get more active, having a board here, too. For example, I just installed upgrades for SMF and TP, and I found the usual bugs for our language (and not only...). For the SMF part was easy. In 10-15 minutes I corrected all these tiny problems by reading previous posts in the SMF Greek board. For TP I had to read a lot of posts in english, to find a simple solution for a bug...

Language specific boards help us a lot. A simple FAQ and a few posts in our language some times are more helpful than a thousand posts in english...

And that counts for every other language. Greek is only an example.

Thank you for your time.