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September 27, 2023, 10:49:13 AM

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Ready for TP 1.1 yet?

Started by IchBin, February 16, 2014, 08:55:45 PM

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I still use TP and SMF and i love it <3

I really hope that you guys continue supporting it now that i have got used to how it works and where to find stuff. It would be missed alot by me if you decide to stop the support for it. IchBin, if you choose to go for a own project, what would it look like? Would it not be better to enhance TP since it has reputation? For a free software, i think TP+SMF is awesome.

I think that if you choose to close it, i will end up using PHP Nuke with themes from and then buy all modules, it easy, but not free. Are you thinking of a portal you would get paid for by the users?


Well I would close the site down without seeing if someone wanted to continue the work first. TP's code is not really at a point where you can just enhance it of any significance without rewriting it. If I were to continue, it would be a start over project for me.

I wouldn't be in for making a portal for the money either. I wouldn't complain if it happened, but that certainly is not my primary goal. :) Been a long time since I've looked at PHP Nuke. Last time I remember it being a major resource hog, so I hope that has gotten better. :)


Its understandable. The work on TP spanned over years, so of course its not easy to just dive in and expand it. Its even a bit daunting for me, not the code as it is, but because I want to change so much of it, to improve it.

I hope it will be maintained through all 2.0.x versions though.

Personally I have considered merging TP with Protendo - since Protendo is based on the 2.0.x codebase. So far I haven't found the right mix for that..but as Protendo is now a lot leaner than SMF, it would make sense, at least if I trimmed TP's code too. Still contemplating this, so please don't assume anything. I am just airing my thoughts since I feel TP is very much still is a legacy I should bring on further. Or at least transform it into a new form, while the original TP  exists as it is for SMF 2, maybe even 2.1( this is more up to Ichbin now, of course).   

Short version: I think its difficult to set a direction for everyone involved, especially as the use of forums generally is dwindling. It then becomes a case of whether you think its worth the time to work more on it.There are already enough software that just collects dust, IMO.


Quote from: bloc on February 19, 2014, 06:19:59 PM
I have considered merging TP with Protendo

No matter what you end up doing bloc, i wish you all the best with your next project. I have enjoyed some of your themes and TP for many years now on various sites ive been lucky enough to be part of and manage. You are very skilled and always bring quality work, i just may try whatever you decide to throw out of content.


Same here, wish you best Bloc.

But... I'm very disappointed that so many people has been merged, left, decided to change (or whatever you want to describe it) to many SMF forks :( really it's not good for further development. You will see that in future, there will be 100+ forks and 98% of them will die. This happens always and it will happen here. I'm suprised that people do not learn on their mistakes or other project mistakes.
I know there was some issues with SMF lately, this time has been passed...there is big competiton out there (free scripts) and for sure only 2 or 3 are on top. SMF, phpBB, myBB, so we should not leave big projects behind and start some small all over again; projects that will die sooner or later.

SMF is amazing script same as TP is amazing modification for it. One of the best (for me major and the most important :) ) mod that I could not even see SMF without it. I hope and for sure not only me count that TP will stick always with SMF directly. Believe me, forks should be additional scripts that TP is compatible with them but not major mod for them.


I see your point and in a way I agree. But the things I like to do, the things I started with in TP and more so in Protendo just can't be done in a mod alone.

Elkarte is really a reaction to SMF not changing fast enough, especially with going full OOP on the codebase. So they too need their arena outside of SMF. SMF itself is going slowly in a somewhat same direction as Elkarte, so you could argue those two should merge at one point. But I don't think Protendo's features will ever fit in with SMF, so its not a choice I can make really.

As for keeping TP with SMF, sure, thats not too hard, maintaining it and optimizing it maybe. But the essence of TP is so close what Protendo does, it makes sense to add that into its core. As already said, I am not sure where the meeting points between TP and Protendo will be, but I know they will go in same direction. Just as Elkarte and SMF  is going in the same direction.

As for people leaving SMF team..well, they all have had their reasons, but by now I am not even sure all those reasons were all valid enough. I just know they were fatal and theres not a lot we can do about that now.


For sure you are right, but what happens with for ex. Elkarte or Protendo if main developers will leave the procject? I'm not sure that there is so many devs who want to continue their work. It's same situation with TP, if IchBin will stop develope it TP will die. I hope it will not happens but if? I dont see ppl who will continue IchBin's work and your work of course.


Thats a risk, true.

But if theres any deducing to be had from SMF in recent years, it is that when the original authors are gone, the software stagnates. SMF isn't that innovative machine it was 10 years ago, and those that now add to it, are most interested in keeping it stable. Thats admirable in itself..but it makes it impossible for those that want to do more, to work on it.

So what can you do?  :)


Even though, it may not be possible or feasible?
Is to have some of the above mentioned systems merged in to one somehow. Maybe some as plug ins or add an on, to the main or mother ship example; like Elkarte or SMF future version, with something like Protendo, (but Elkarte preferably), that would enable one to have to social abilities in the package. Like the blog and media. galleries and possible other stuff or features that Protendo may offer up? :)

I have mentioned many times, that there is nothing like SMF and I mean this and also, if something a WordPress like system and SMF could be combined, some how? but (main functionality such as social stuff)  and also  fit TP or it's future thoughts in there also.

Maybe far fetched Ideas, but never the less, vision of the future, in my thoughts anyway.
It seems to me that there are already many contributors at Elkarte, that get along and are having fun with this project.. I can only hope that more could jump on board the peace train and keep something new and exciting going, without legal complications of course!

Thanks to all out there, doing their thing and doing it well!

But Mama, That's Where all the fun is!


The problem isn't that something is going well, people having a good time etc. I am sure being onboard Elkarte would be fun in any respect - but their ideas have already strayed from what I would like to work on. So I rather work on something I can control than trying to persuade someone that its worthile having in.

Do you honestly think Elkarte would be interested in my boardtype ideas? Or that Wedge would be remotely interested in my ideas about themes - seeing as Nao have already dismissed the concept of themes altogether?