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December 06, 2023, 08:04:36 AM

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Refer a friend

Started by Defile, March 31, 2006, 07:27:04 PM

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Has anyone wrote anything like this? a block where a member on your site could enter a friends email and it would send them an invite for them to join up. If so could you share please ;)


If you mean send a topic or post from a forum it's allready built in SMF forums.
When you are in a post or topic you have a button that say "send topic"

From there you can add emailadress and the reason you want the person to follow up on the link you just emailed them.  :)

EDIT! read back again and saw that it wasent what you asked for.
I think i have seen such snippet here or back at SMF forums.
They call the snippet "tell a friend" so do a search for it here or back in SMF.


Thank you very much.

I'll go go search for it ;)


That's very cool.  Testing it now.  ;)

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Quote from: Xarcell on April 06, 2006, 04:30:43 AM
Does it work?

Didn't work for me.   ???  I entered my name and email address and the recipient's information, which was my own test accounts and I never received anything.

SMF 2.0 RC3
TP 1.0 beta 5-1
Wordpress 3.0


I use this
but you need to have cgi on your host which I think most have, I put it in a article and Iframe, works fine, go to my site below and click on the "recommend us" button in the left block :)


Thats pretty cool, think I'll use it, I love CGI. :)
I have become comfortably numb!

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I am having a little trouble with the csRecommend script.
I downloaded, installed and got the script working. The test script sends an email fine.
I installed a block, but when I click on it, no page pops up, nor does it take me to a page.
I went to Lesmonds Place, and the same results, click on the button and nothing to fill out.
Does the html of the site require a "call" to javascript?
Mine is in text, when I try to open in a new window I get the following;
In the address bar: javascript:ShowRecommend();
and a "Page Cannot Be Displayed error.