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April 17, 2024, 01:34:44 AM

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TinyPortals name?

Started by VladTepes, February 24, 2021, 12:26:30 AM

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I'd suggest TinyPortal is the most powerful and flexible of the portal apps available for SMF.

I think however that the name TinyPortal doesn't capitalise on this and sounds like a portal 'lite' rather than the feature rich and flexible platform it actually is.

Has any consideration been given to a name change?  Just curious more than anything.



I was trying to find some old post where the name was touched upon, but they must have disappeared when we lost the site several years ago. 

Yes the name does kind of imply TinyPortal might be a bit lightweight in some way. But look at it like Little John from Robin hood. ;) 

If I can find the info regarding the naming I'll post back here.  ;)


I believe it's because it's simple and lightweight, particularly compared to other solutions that were available at the time (such as bridging SMF with Mambo/Joomla). I'll do some more digging when I get a chance and see what I can find.


Thanks Oldies.

Hopefully bloc will pop in and enlighten us with the answer to this.  I think the info I was looking for disappeared with one of the past site crashes, because I'm sure the TP name was talked about at some point.


As Oldiesmann mentions it was chosen because of its lightweight nature, especially the v0.9.8(I think?), when compared to Joomla or even Wordpress solutions. We did discuss a few years later on changing the name becasue it was well, not "tiny" anymore. On the other hand SimplePortal wasn't quite "simple" either(it has quite a few features).

I did suggest at that time to rename it "TPortal", mainly because the code has lots of functions named "tportal_"..but ultimately it didn't say anything about the script as much as "TinyPortal" did - even if its a bit misleading.

Nowadays I think it should keep the historical name since its become a household name of sorts..and because it really should be majorly rewritten/feature-changed to change the main name. IMHO anyway. 



I don't see any faults with the name, but at some point Tiny Portal may become more like a CMS.

Back in the day, I used something called Subdreamer CMS, which was basically a partal with some nice feature but still very limited.

Tiny Portal is brilliant, it does come with a learning curve for me but once you start making headway things come together. It also helps that there's people who care about TP/helping others.

If say it's better than IP.Pages which at the beginning I couldn't work with. The databases and templates aspect would be awesome in Tiny Portal but aside from that TP wins hands down.

PS. The back story was interesting, I recall the early days of SMF but I don't recall using TP before. I actually thought it was a portal for other free forum packages. Not sure what I'm mistaking it for!