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Tinyportal 1.0RC2 and SMF Gallery Lite 3.1.1

Started by Lum-chan, July 19, 2011, 02:20:13 PM

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It's unlikely that it is truly random. More likely, there is something you are doing differently, maybe a character in one of the fields, or some setting. Though I am sure you have gone over every setting carefully, perhaps there is the slightest difference between one and the other. Or maybe it fails the first time you create, and succeeds after that. I don't know. But there is a pattern to this somewhere, and discovering the pattern could be the key to solving this dilemma.


Currently I'm testing this issue with SMF 2.0.1, TP 2.0RC2 and SMF Gallery 3.1.1 and I've ran into similar problems with SMF Links 2.3.2. What I didn't notice before is the odd change in the Navigation-line (I might have missed this, could be helpful?). As it's rather hard to explain I'll post some screenshots of this together with some explanation. I'll make the screenshots asap and edit this post to reflect the changes.

After trying out several settings within TP, I discovered that a setting in TP had a kind of impact on SMF Gallery/SMF Links. Somehow the settings for each Category in TP seems to be related to the display of certain categories in SMF Gallery/SMF Links. This is detectable by checking the Navigation-tree (screenshot included at bottom of post). If you run into such a problem with displaying a category in SMF Gallery/Links and the Panels are missing, then take a look at the Navigation-tree. It will show the name and link of a TP Category. Depending on the contents of that Category it will show active articles. Normally it will show the word 'Forums' and links to the forum itself.

Now how to fix this is to go to each category in TP and make sure you have selected the Panels to show. This sounds somewhat odd but if the category is non-existant, the problem will not show even if there's NO selection made on the Panels to show. As soon as the Category is active it will somehow be found and used in stead of 'Forums' and the link. Simply select the needed Panels and save. This should be done for each Category in TP. When you have done this. All the galleries in SMF Gallery will show correctly.

I don't know how the two separate mods can react on each other, but I'm sure the TP-Team probably can.

The above is a work-around which works for at least 4 different setups of SMF 2.0.x and TP 1.0 RC2 in live and in dev setups.

@WillyP: You were right! It's no random thingies but at first it looked that way but I couldn't reproduce that part.

Added some screenshots of the non-working SMF-Galleries with the odd appearance of category names in the Navigation-bar. I hope this makes it a bit more clear for the TP-Team.

Oh, before I forget: I did a new clean install of SMF 2.0.1 with first install of SMF Gallery/Links (Latest versions). Configured SMF Gallery/Links with some test objects. I didn't changes any settings in SMF and TP and went testing all along. I didn't add the actions 'gallery' an 'links' to TP in the default blocks as shown on this url:
username Test
password test1234



Sorry Lum-chan, I just don't have the time to try and figure this out right now. Keep on bumping every now and then. Hopefully I will get a moment to install the gallery and check this stuff for you.


Ok, no problem. I'll bump this topic every now and then. Thanks in advance and have a very good weekend!


Found a solution after all. The main problem (at least for me) is the defination of the panels shown in the Category. When you don't select the panels to be visible in the category (in TP) this will cause random missing panels in the output of each gallery category itself (in Gallery Lite).

So selecting the panels you want to be visible in the TP Categories is very important. Still I don;t know why this only happens with SMF Gallery (Lite/Pro) and your SMF Links mod. The above just might be the solution to all these problems (and perhaps for other mods which work with categories too).

This works for SMF 2.x.x and TP 1.0RCx. There never was a problem with SMF 1.1.x with any TP1.0RCx, thou.


I see the problem. It's because of the "cat=X" in the URL. TP is looking at that parameter in the URL and displaying the categories settings as you found out by setting them. Not sure there could be a code fix without significantly changing these things in one of the mods.


Thanks for looking into this, IchBin. I have pointed the creator of this two mods to this thread as well.


If you are looking for a way to have the panels display without having to set the category settings you can try this as a work around.

In TPortal.php find this:

function doTPcat()
//return if not quite a category
if(isset($_GET['action']) && $_GET['action'] == 'manageboards')

Add after this:

if(isset($_GET['action']) && $_GET['action'] == 'gallery' && isset($_GET['cat']))

Mind you this wouldn't be a permanent fix, just something to work around the problem. The problem being that TP and SMGallery share the same parameter to test for category information. :)


Thanks IchBin! I don't know if the creator of SMF Gallery is willing to change the code but I put your code-snippet locally and use it a some kind of path to fix this anyway.

As I understand your explanation correctly it's all related on the use of the 'cat=' part which both TP 1.0RC2/3 and SMF Gallery (latest version) use. As I'm not very good at coding php, I don't know if it's a lot work for him to change the way SMF Gallery uses categories but let's hope he will and can do... otherwise this patch will help a lot of others too.


if(isset($_GET['action']) && $_GET['action'] == 'links' && isset($_GET['cat']))

As far as I can see, the code above will fix this for SMF Links too \(^_^)/