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May 26, 2024, 06:44:21 AM

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Posting Guide Lines

Started by IchBin, January 03, 2010, 05:46:48 AM

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[Attention] If you would like to post a block code snippet in this board, the following guidelines must be met.

1. The below suggestions are required. All topics in this board are approved only if the guide lines are met. Replies are disabled to keep the topics clean.
2. Title of topic must be this - [block] name of the snippet.
3. Body of post must follow the format below. Please copy and paste your info into our form that is provided below.
4. A screenshot of the block is required and must be attached to the post. Do not link to an image as we do not want images lost from external sites.
5. All images and any extra files should be attached to the topic and not linked.
6. If you are posting a 3rd party snippet, you must comply with the license under which the 3rd party author has released their work.

Please copy this form for your block code:

[b]Name of Snippet[/b]: Snippet Name Here
[b]SMF/TP versions tested:[/b]: SMF2/TP1 beta 5 ?
[b]Block Type:[/b]: php, bbc, html & javascript ?
[b]Author[/b]: Name Here
[b]Link to Discussion[/b]: (if one was started)
[b]Other Requirements[/b]: (ie. requires another mod installed? Other files?)
[b]Description[/b]: Description here

Code goes in these code tags only.

If you can follow this guide line, you can plan on seeing your topic in your code snippets board. Thank you.