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New members Block

Started by akulion, October 09, 2006, 07:08:23 PM

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nope dosent seem to be the issue

i just used opera to register a new member
and the counter for tody still at 0

but week and month progressed forward by 1


Is the account activated?

The only thing you can do is change

$today = strtotime("today");


$today = strtotime("24 hours ago");

which will give you the number of registrations within a rolling 24-hour period. I know that the strtotime("today") code gives the Unix time for midnight on the current calendar day.

Jpg likey...I might add this to the boardindex!! WOOT WOOT!

[Nice idea for a mod]


holy cazambo gubu gubu!!! IT WORKS!!!
(whatever tht means - i just made it up!)

Total Members: 1040
New This Month: 19
New This Week: 8
New Today: 5

:D Thanks so much!! ur the best!! :D


You get alot of members....daaaamn..

Good it works now.
Great work Just Plain.
I like the idea/concept. *Gives Thumbs Up*



What did you do, aku? Did you change it to 24 hours?

Glad it worked for you.  ;D

Glad you like it too, Jpg.

It worked out nicely because I just really understood something new (to me) in mysql and it was what made this work. It's great when I'm able to apply something I've just learned.


yes the 24 hour one worked :D

thanks again :D

<<<-- Demo click the dude

and then look in left bar at the bottom near the stats


i tweaked the code a little and placed it within my stats box, but i cannot get it to '

look at the picture and right after the latest members name you will see what i mean where it says Kalo then new this month. i have placed the break code in several places but it wont return the next line. any suggestions? thanks

here is my template code with the added above code
   // members stats
            echo '
                 <img src="'.$settings['images_url'].'/icons/members.gif" style="margin: 0;" align="bottom" alt="" />
                 <a href="'.$scripturl.'?action=mlist"><b>'.$txt[19].'</b></a>
                 <br />'.$bullet.$txt[488].': ' , isset($modSettings['memberCount']) ? $modSettings['memberCount'] : $modSettings['totalMembers'] , '
                 <br />'.$bullet.$txt['tp-latest']. ': <a href="', $scripturl, '?action=profile;u=', $modSettings['latestMember'], '"><b>', $modSettings['latestRealName'], '</b></a>';
global $db_prefix,$modSettings;

$today = strtotime("today");
date('j') == 1 ? $thismonth = $today : $thismonth = strtotime(date('F') . ' 1');
date('l') == 'Sunday' ? $thisweek = $today : $thisweek = strtotime('last Sunday');
date('M') == 'January' ? $thisyear = $thismonth : $thisyear = strtotime('January 1');

$query = db_query("SELECT
COUNT(dateRegistered > $thisyear OR NULL) as year,
COUNT(dateRegistered > $thismonth OR NULL) as month,
COUNT(dateRegistered > $thisweek OR NULL) as week,
COUNT(dateRegistered > $today OR NULL) as today
FROM {$db_prefix}members
WHERE is_activated = 1", __FILE__, __LINE__);
$row = mysql_fetch_assoc($query);

settype($row['today'], "integer");
settype($row['week'], "integer");
settype($row['month'], "integer");

echo 'New This Month: ', $row['month'],'<br />';
echo 'New This Week: ', $row['week'],'<br />';
echo 'New Today: ', $row['today'];


echo '<br />New This Month: ', $row['month'],'<br />';

That should do it.


that did the trick, thanks ;D just one more little thing if you don't mind. i have been trying to add bullets in front of the stats to match the rest of the stats box. i have gotten the bullets to show up in a couple different places, but not in the front of the text, and i have gotten parse errors at least 10 times. :-\ where would i place the $bullet to make it show before the stats text? thanks again.