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September 23, 2023, 02:04:22 AM

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[Block ] Americas army server block help

Started by Hairy, July 19, 2007, 03:23:22 AM

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All updated, would it be possible to update the "snippet index" to point to this one otherwise you're gonna get new people going to the old one still.



i have added it to the [Block] list, it will auto update as the 10th newest blocks available :)


Thanks for this Hairy !  O0

Find a demo of this block here: Http://



I have updated the code in the first post with a slight modification, the original code displayed the servers "query" port in the block results but this is silly as people wanting the information to join are actually after the standard port.

I have changed:
// Server Port - 1717 = default
$aa_port = '1717';

// Server Port - 1716 = default
$aa_port1 = '1716';
// Server Query Port - 1717 = default
$aa_port2 = '1717';

And modified the 2 sections within the code that uses this info.

Now my blocks display the correct port for joining them  :up:

Further edit:

I have also just added in support for the links to tracker and AAMBS to reflect the standard port you put in, this will be of benefit for those not running the usual "1716" port setup.