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World Weather Block

Started by akulion, September 11, 2006, 12:52:36 PM

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This is a block which wont work for everyone..only for people who have fopen enabled for URLs on their servers.

I dont have that enabled on my server so I cant use it - but I am sure there are people who have it enabled so it will come in handy for them for sure - so adding it here.

The download files - instructions - demo and everything else can be found Over Here

It will require you to create a DB table (the query for it is given)
You will have to download a zip file from and upload to ur server
You will have to register with to get your partner ID and validation key

Thats all really there is to it....

For PHP coders only...a request for help

I was reading about fopen enabled urls and there is a solution to make it work for those servers where it is disabled.

However I havent been able to make it work...I tried playing around with the code a little bit....something to do with using CURL

If you know about the following could you please shed some light into this and maybe get it working for fopen disabled servers as well?

Details here



I'll work with you on this to try and figure it out. I wanna try it and see what happens.

I'm at the step of trying to get CURL to work.


oh wow! great news :D looking forward to it! this would be awesome since its a FULL weather service as opposed to having a simple bloc

thanks :D


Ya I'm rassling with dreamhost right now trying to get help from them code wise. I tried several things and it was crashing the freaking server.


yea same with me

Dreamhost only pointed me to a document which talked about CURL thingie, I searched the net as well for more on this but didnt have much luck


Very cool script..
I looked at my phpinfo and I saw this, are my fopen urls 'enabled'??

  • Directive = allow_url_fopen
  • Local Value = On   
  • Master Value = On

I have become comfortably numb!

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dont know for sure but certainly looks like it :D