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TinyPortal 3.0.0
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The TinyPortal Team is pleased to announce the release of TinyPortal 3.0.0

TinyPortal 3.0.0 can be used on SMF 2.1 and should also work on SMF 3.0

Minimum required PHP version : 7.0.0
Highest supported PHP version (tested): 8.3.1

This includes the following updates and fixes:

Functional changes:
  • dropped support for SMF2.0
  • added support for SMF3.0 alpha
  • now allows setting TinyPortal search permission for guests
  • improved FTP processing TPdownloads
  • screen layouts of TPdownload admin and user interface updated
  • disallow quotes in short name fields for articles, categories and downloads

Technical changes and Bugfixes:
  • changed responsive layout to flex-grid
  • cleanup and merge of css files
  • moved all color values to CCS-variables in tp-colors.css
  • fixed smiley handling in shoutbox
  • fixed TinyPortal search function not dealing with quotes
  • fixed uninstall leaving TPListImages.php behind
  • fixed errors in TPdownloads when file does not exist on server
  • fixed downloads admin not showing downloads of deleted members


Support for SMF2.0 has been dropped starting TinyPortal version 3.0.0.
SMF2.0 is still supported by TinyPortal, but only up to TinyPortal version 2.3.1.

Note that SMF3.0 is under development, we cannot guarantee stable support for 3.0 untill a Final version is released.